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A while back I was asking if anyone knew when the estate behind the Pit Pony on Lowbank Rd were built and the houses next to the Pit Pony. Looking on the site appears to bring up the wrong map information (I've just checked that site and typing in the postcode for that area doesn't come up with any found results, though another postcode I typed in further afield did).

I've often thought that they were probably built around the late 60s/early-mid 70s, with the remaining bungalows and semis being a little later; the ones on Oriel Drive were clearly built in the late 80s/early 90s. However, I recently found a land registry document that states the approximate year of build for houses near the Pit Pony was 1980. Whether that's accurate or not I don't know. I would've thought the row of semis near the Pit Pony were built much earlier than that. Much of the estate behind Pit Pony seems to have been built around the late 60s and early 70s as other maps I've looked at seem to indicate this, so it's a bit odd those on Lowbank Rd were built later. What was there before them?. Seems like that estate was built in different stages over many years.

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ashtonman, no doubt " the font of all knowledge " will tell you

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Ashtonmano1, I remember walking to and from school down low bank rd in 70s pit pony wasn't there then but the houses was there as you walked down on r/h side to old rd, not sure when that new estate was built ain't been down there for years, they must have built on the old skitters wood, walking down low bank from downallgreen them houses after bridge wasn't there either it was wasteland, I remember trevalan haulage yard and petrol station have they gone now.

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The site bounded by Lowbank Road, Westfield Avenue, Tenbury Drive (part only) and RL Hughes school saw building commence in 1964. The Builder was Alf Smith from Culcheth part of the Broseley Estates group.
Joe Gormley performed the Pit Pony opening ceremony in 1979.

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The Pit Pony opening ceremony in 1979 probably seems about right for the form I found listing the build date of the houses I mentioned (the ones on the side of the Pit Pony after Melford Drive) as 1980. But I'm sure I've seen maps from the late 60s or early-mid 70s showing those houses already there, unless they weren't houses but a business premises that was demolished. I know the bungalow estate opposite the Pit Pony next to the playing field and motorway bridge was certainly there in the 70s.

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