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Did you see the news this morning about face masks Peter Israel told us if you can get any in B,Q go get them, I uploaded Micks face mask hoping we could have had a bit of Brain Storming to farther improve them, with in a few minutes of seeing the video Mrs Dougie said them hook looks well, I've a bag of Christmas tree hooks that would look better, them rubber bands only cost 50p for a bag full making all the mask disposable so you never need to touch them, so that's now in place, HAVE A LOOK we may need something in the future and think what will we do

--Try clicking photo for video if interested--

Small incinerator to burn them

Another Mask uploaded by Peter Israel

Started: 21st Apr 2020 at 15:32
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Posted by: dougie (4471) 

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All ready got them no better than the throw away Masks, if you ever have to use them change the fastener at the back of the neck like I have

should have had bigger elastic bands

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Six milli t&e Dougie?

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