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------------------------------------From Ralph too his Wife---------------------------------------
Look to the sky you'll find me there, between Venus and the Crisp Crescent Moon.
The end of the day can bring back memory's, brief and bright but gone to soon.
For now grief has come between us, playing its painful part for you my love.
Surely braking your heart, I am gone now so go to your room and rest.

Play me our special tune but play it loud, so I hear all the notes.
In the years that are left till we meet again, I will hear it everywhere I go.
At very corner I may stop, and see a face I knew, from long ago.
But our song will play on a timeless testimony, to a life and love we shared.

Lingering season to season and when history recalls, the years spent together.
Look again to the sky and take comfort at sunset, knowing where you'll find me.
Between-Venus and the Crispy Crescent Moon, I'll be waiting for you there my love.

---------------------------Taken from the lovely poem written by Jarvo on Wigan World-------------


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Wow such a sensitive poem!

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