Street cleaning annoyance

Started by: Anne (3789) 

Who's responsible for cleaning streets? Anyone would think it is the people who recieve council tax. Don't you believe it. Yesterday the road sweeper wagon came along and knowing full well the job cannot be done with any sweeper my neighbour went out to help with the very odd corners we have as he always does, I went to join him. The wagon driver did his best but failed, other than to tear up a portion of road surface. Later in the afternoon another fellow appeared explaining the cause of damage had been reported by wagon driver. "It will be done within fourteen days" that sounded OK.
This morning four council workers appeared with rakes, blowers etc. All well and good until only part of the road way had been cleared, then they turned to leave. I asked why the rest of the road had not been done. Answer, "We only do pavements" My house and adjoining neighbours do not have pavement, by all accounts the leaves, residue and anything else is up to us even though the street/road is local authority adopted.

Started: 14th Nov 2019 at 14:33

Posted by: FAT MICK (1241) 

Yesterday I spoke to two worker in New Mile lane, as the struggled to fit a wrong sized new drain cover, I asked them are they going to be doing a damaged kerb in our street next, and they said no.
The damaged Kerb was removed (honestly) three months ago and four cones put around it.

Replied: 14th Nov 2019 at 15:58

Posted by: Anne (3789) 

This portion of my street rarely gets cleaned, usually the muck and rubbish lies so long it becomes compost with big healthy weeds growing. I have not the slightest intention of clearing owing to when I moved here the part where the street is was part of my garden which was taken (not compulsory purchased) then I was asked to pay for that part of street works. This is why it annoys most.

Replied: 14th Nov 2019 at 16:08

Posted by: peebee (437) 

Don't blame the indians it's the chiefs that are the problem.

Replied: 14th Nov 2019 at 16:26


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