Fat Mick

Started by: TerryW (4799)

I read the notice by the admin that they have kicked you off the Wigan Now And Then site, not sure why though did you break their rules or something? It isn't a site I visit often because it gets very repetitive at times and I had noticed people are taking photos from the WW album without giving credit.

Started: 19th Oct 2019 at 09:14

Posted by: gaffer (6433) 

Breach of copyright rules.

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 09:34

Posted by: TerryW (4799)

Thank you Gaffer.

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 09:59

Posted by: jathbee (10229)

Fat Mick has been kicked off here as many, if not more times than Walshy. He was relegated to the forum but sneaked back again.

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:01

Posted by: Stardelta (7865)

I am fed up having to get out of his way.

Pavements are for pedestrians, not pensioners on push Bikes!

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:07

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

hoi thee, if pavement are for pedestrians, why do cars, lorrys and vans park on them, and who has more right of way, a pedistrian with a pram, or a cyclist, or a pedestrian with a dog tied to a trip rope, or a wheel chair or a scooter, a lot of pavements have a painting of a cycle on the pavement, indicating, we can ride there, non of the other groups do, so button it sledge, get the roads congested and keep of our pavements,

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:24

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (5334)

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:36

Posted by: Stardelta (7865)

Why are you having a pop at me for the inconsiderate actions of others?

Not my fault is it?

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:41

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

Mick s a bit slow but he's giving way to people,
here's one of ME, tommy scutch around and that bird cyclist loves me,,,

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:46

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

sledge you have no right on the pavement, you are road rat and should be in a car all day long being stuck in the queues that you and your gang of highly paid opperatives created, thats why no one likes you,

Replied: 19th Oct 2019 at 21:51

Posted by: jo anne (32800) 

Tomplum, you pedalled past me on the pavement near Ince Plaice chippy this afternoon.

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 18:24

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

I did go that way this afternoon, I was going along the pavement and then there was a couple pushing a pram, well the woman was pushing the pram, the man was in front deeply engrossed on his fone, so I went in the road to pass them, then rejoined the pavement, I don't think that was you, You must have been in your sniper camo gear, did you get a shot of me ?

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 18:45

Posted by: jo anne (32800) 

I didn’t today, Tom. I wasn’t quick enough to get my phone out.

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 18:50

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

I was in stelph mode, on a mission in a ' cat crept in crapt and crept out again' fashion here's the route I took

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 19:03

Posted by: laughing gravy (6222)

you should not be on the bloody pavement!

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 19:18

Posted by: tomplum (6511) 

pavements are widely used by cyclist and it is much safer than using the roads, pavement are now a shared path, used by, dog walkers,mobility scooters,wheelchairs, prams and parked up cars,

their original purpose was for pedestrians never caught on since the car became popular, so stick that in your gravy and eat it,

Replied: 20th Oct 2019 at 19:30


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