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Has anyone had a denture made privately at one of the Dental Mechanics in Wigan? Had a tooth out a couple of weeks ago and the dentist had an extra tooth put onto my existing plate which had a couple of teeth on. She put it in my mouth straight after the extraction. I expected a bit of discomfort but for 5 days I lived off Paracetamol I went back last week and she ground some material from behind the new tooth which was pressing into my gum when I bit on anything. Still the same... So I've decided to have a new plate made. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had one made privately. Ive seen that you can get a plate made out of soft flexible material now.

Started: 14th Oct 2019 at 11:58

Posted by: TerryW (4809)

My cousin went to the one in Whelley (private) and they made her a plate with a flexible overlay on her new denture which had two or thee teeth on it and you can't tell she has a plate in. Not cheap but she said Mr Patel is a brilliant dentist. Wigan Dental and Implant Centre. Not sure if this is what you are after and you may need to remortgage.

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TerryW cheers, I've seen two dental mechanics advertised the one in Whelley and the one in Springfield road. I'll probably pop into them both and tell them the problem, and see what they have to say. Can't go through the rest of my life taking my teeth out whenever I want to eat anything

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Posted by: TerryW (4809)

Not a cheap do, Ron. But my cousin got what she paid for and they look great.

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I had a plate made 10+ yeas agoIt cost me £300-20,I went back several times but still couln,t wear it, My regular Dentist said a cowboy had made it &and he put it right, still got it,

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Posted by: admin (760)

Thanks for the info guys.

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Posted by: TerryW (4809)

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Posted by: kathpressey (5165) 

it's not free at the dentist anyway is it? even NHS have to pay a reduced cost for treatment I'm sure > i'd say it's money well spent to get it sorted

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Posted by: TerryW (4809)

Don't forget to post a photo of you wearing new choppers, Ron.

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Try (uri= )Link(/uri)

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