Wigan and Leigh Short Film Festival 2019

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I went to the main event in 2017 (it was held in Leigh that year) and loved it. The festival is organised by a dedicated team of volunteers who do a fantastic job and all three events this year promise to be very entertaining.

~ Young Filmmakers Event (Free) ~
Sat 26th October at The Mill at The Pier, Trencherfield Mill, Wigan

~ North West Filmmakers Event (£3–£4) ~
Fri 15th November at The Old Courts, Crawford St, Wigan

~ Main Festival Event (£3–£4) ~
Sat 16th November at The Old Courts, Crawford St, Wigan

Get your tickets now! Link

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Posted by: jo anne (32725) 

Wigan and Leigh Short Film Festival 2019 - Short Film Selections

Come and see the best in emerging Young Filmmakers Saturday 26th Oct 7pm venue @ALRANorth (Tickets)

Selections Young Filmmakers 2019 Trailer - Link

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YOUNG FILMMAKERS EVENT, Sat 26th Oct, at Trencherfield Mill

* Congratulations to the Winner ~ ‘HIDDEN’ ~ Jess O’Brien @smallpersonprod *

‘HIDDEN’ will feature in the Main Event on Sat 16th Nov at The Old Courts - Tickets

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Friday 15th Nov, 7pm start, at The Old Courts - Ticket Link (£3-£4)

For anyone who remember WW’s ianmcl (2006-2010), Ian has a film featuring in this event - About Time, Too: Ivy’s Story - Trailer

About Time, Too: Ivy’s Story ~ Sozosei Productions

A Bit of This and A Bit of That ~ Blue Shoes Productions

A Dunder Plunder ~ Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Soil ~ Scott Feast

Verto ~ Squad Four Productions

Magic Paper Man ~ Ben Bone with Scriptwriting North

The Interview From Hell ~ GUJ Productions

The Lover ~ Peter Mckeirnon

Once Bitten ~ Duck66 Films

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I had a great time at last night’s event.

About Time, Too: Ivy’s Story - by WW’s own IanMcl - was the worthy runner up.

* Both films will feature amidst the selection of the MAIN EVENT TONIGHT - Tickets *

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