Nightmares we have

Started by: madamehmurray (6265) 

Saw my sister at church yesterday and she told me about the nightmare she had about me. She was heading up to her house and saw blood on the trail, then saw something eatting away at my insides. She called to my brother in law to call the ambulance and he wouldn't. I think he has something against me?

Started: 6th Nov 2006 at 18:10

Posted by: zoe24 (2272) 

i had a dream that has stuck in my head the other night, i dreamt i was at someones house who i know, thats died recently and i knew he was gone yet i was waiting for him, like he was coming back, then i went out and there was loads of bikes and cars and one person on a bike was gonna jump the house, but i couldnt see there faces.

Replied: 7th Nov 2006 at 16:41


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