A clippies ticket machine

Started by: john joseph (3197)

I just bought an old bus ticket machine the one with the dial, like a old telephone were you ring up the price ie: 5d, 7d, 11d and so on.then turn a handle and out come,s a paper ticket off a roll with the stage and price even the ink is still working

bus conductors used to have it over their shoulder on a strap others must have thought they were hoppalong cassidy and slung it low on their hips lol.
It,s an LUT machine No 69 on the metal carry box I wonder if it was a wigan clippie ? was it Yours???


Started: 31st Oct 2006 at 23:30

Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive)

Hi a nice collectable item. How much did you pay for it?

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 09:19

Posted by: john joseph (3197)


It cost me erm erm


Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 11:29

Posted by: keily (306) 

I recently sold 2 badges (driver & clippie) on Ebay, was suprised @ the amount of bids i got considering mine were pretty high numbers, but collectable stuff is the old busmans stuff. You got a good find there jj.

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 12:32

Posted by: john joseph (3197)


do you sell much on ebay


Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 18:23

Posted by: keily (306) 

Quiet a lot jj

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 18:26

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Hi there folks anyone know where i can get any WW2 helmets from for next to now't Any country but must be WW2,or any thing military from same period,they are for school projects.

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 19:00

Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive)

I have a couple of gas masks. If you contact the Internet cafe in King Street They may still have their stuff. They did a project last year They had all sorts of posters, photographs, artifacts, etc. A lot of work went into the project. The results were First Class. I am sure if they still have the stuff? They would loan it to you.

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 21:57

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

I still have my PSV drivers badge so I wonder if that would bring anything in, and regarding the clippy machines, we scrapped and crushed a full skip load of them when the buses were privatised in the 80s and they went on the digital ones.

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 22:04

Posted by: keily (306) 

Drivers badges fetch more money the fewer numbers they have on them, well that seemed to be the case when i was watching them on Ebay. pity you didn`t stash a few of them machines aitch.

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 22:25

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Tell me about it you never know until its to late, my badge no is CC 11****, not giving any more away may still use it for a bit of part time work

Replied: 1st Nov 2006 at 22:39

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Thanks for the info folks i'll get onto it.

Replied: 2nd Nov 2006 at 11:12

Posted by: empress (9667) 

If it has a dent in it, it could be my dads........ hehe
He was employed as a clippie for only a very short time, he'd got into a scrap with another fella, when the guy was later at the bus stop my dad clonked him with his ticket machine.....short career on the buses.

Replied: 4th Nov 2006 at 13:04


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