baby african grey parrots

Started by: mamacass (1089) 

hi does anybody know any parrot breeders in the wigan borough or maybe further a field. my husband has wanted an african grey parrot for some time and everytime i have contacted websites or adverts or pet shops they have been sold any info will be appreciated.

Started: 7th Sep 2006 at 14:45

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Pet Shop in Ashton, just round corner from Barclays, ask in there, I know he breeds them and occasionally has one in the shop.
But , think carefully before buying a grey, they aren't that easy to handle, they bond with one person and can be agressive to a rival.They also don't act kindly to being bossed!I kept one for 10 years before it died after being daft enough to chew an electric cable. She was a fantastic pet, but ruled the house, the dogs were terrified of her.
My sis in law has one now, it has the foulest mouth I have ever heard thanks to her teen sons and their mates.Once they learn something, you can't unteach them!
Also be prepared to pay a lot, you need a hand reared bird, don't go for a cheaper option unless you want to lose the odd finger.They also need copany so if it is gonna be left alone for long periods it will likely start to fret and pluck its feathers out.
If that doesn't put you off them nothing will......but they are worth the time you have to put in.

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 14:53

Posted by: twigginer21 (1743)

The pet shop in pemberton currently has parrots for sale.

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 17:03

Posted by: tonker (25132) 

My friend breeds parrots. He now lives in Orrell. He has a web-site, not about parrots but the contact number is on there.

It's 'Bullywood Homestead'.

P.S. ... I've just checked his new site and there is a 'Parrots Section' on there now.

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 18:29
Last edited by tonker: 7th Sep 2006 at 18:36:25

Posted by: mamacass (1089) 

thanks tonker just sent an email now.

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 19:30

Posted by: teash (959) 

If I was you i`d contact the International Zoo Veterinary Group over at Bradford and ask them if they could recommend a proper breader to you. I made the mistake and bought one from a shop in Horwich within 6 months and numerous trips to a local vet (who obviously knew nowt about them) ended up taking it to the IZVG but unfortunately it was to late for them to do anything with it because it had been born with some disease or other

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 19:39

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Ohhhhhhh Tonker I just checked that site, those Macaws are fabulous!
I am definately in the wrong job, i am so jealous!

Replied: 7th Sep 2006 at 20:17

Posted by: keily (306) 

We got ours from Swan Lane in Bolton just over 7 years ago, hand reared, he`s in great health, also foul mouthed, but does an excellent impression of the phone, we have even answered it many times, he also makes a cluckin noise like a chicken, he has a very wide vocabulary, he`s an excellent addition to the family. but i would advise anyone to learn about keeping them before buying one.

Replied: 8th Sep 2006 at 14:04


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