Scam take care

Started by: john joseph (3197)

The following is extract of a reply to my advert in classifieds for sale buffy videos

Hello, Thanks for the mail ,i will be glad to proceed with its purchase,and to secure the purchase i will like to offer you 120 pounds for it.

I will be out of the country very soon on a missionary trip and my shippers would be in charge of my goods. To make the transaction faster and easier,i will instruct an associate of mine who is owing me the sum of 2,500pounds in the UK to issue the cheque to you,but i do not know if i can trust you by helping in sending the rest of my money to the shipping company (when the cheque is cleared) who will be coming over for its pick up as it is to be shipped together with my consignments in the UK .

I will like to let you know that the money that would be sent to the shippers is not meant for its shipment only but together with my other consignments in the uk.

So furnish me the name to be written on the payment and the address where it should be mailed to with your phone number.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best.



Started: 22nd Aug 2006 at 17:39

Posted by: busy bee (631)

i have had similar replies when advertising on i wrote to brian to thank him for making us aware of these emails.

Replied: 22nd Aug 2006 at 21:26


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