MOTD bias from the BBC

Started by: brian (838)

Match of the Day on BBC1 - usual bias, Wigan game last. A few seconds of coverage.

To the outsider - showing Newcastle as the much better team when Wigan were. Grrr

Send your complaints here.

Started: 19th Aug 2006 at 23:46

Posted by: brian (838)

Just complained myself with this:

Wigan Athletic always has 1 or 2 mins of biased coverage at the end of the programme. Your coverage was not representative of the events. Wigan dominated the game, yet your coverage did not show this.

If Wigan was in London, things would be very different.

Grumpy owd mon or what?

Replied: 19th Aug 2006 at 23:51

Posted by: aussie roy (2574) 

Brian,perhaps it's because they are last in alphabetical order and by the time they have reached "W" they running out of time.Anyway it is early days if they progress like they did last season they should get more coverage.We get the same thing here,our local NRL team,the Canberra Raiders receive very little media coverage by the Sydney papers or TV for that matter unless they beat one of the current highflyers even then it is all excuses for the result but the reason for this treatment is because Canberra is the federal seat of government,everybody cops whether it is sport or not.

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 01:00

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

BBC Headline should be. :
"Blind Ref misses hand ball."
We were robbed yet again.

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 12:02
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Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

MOTD is biased i feel towards the teams that fight for there rightful place and not have to rely on a billionaire to hit the top of the prem table.

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 12:31

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Check out sky sports to see how many Wigan games are on compared to say Man City, speaks for its self I think

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 13:46

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Quote from todays Sunday Mirror:
Referee: M Atkinson 5
"Handled the game firmly,
but missed crucial hand-ball."

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 14:46

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"Bad football reporting in The Mirror."
Yesterday in the Sunday Mirror.
Brain Mcnally at St Jame's Park reported that Wigan Athletic had 60% possession and one Yellow Card but Simon Bird of the Daily Mirror today reports that we only had 45%,to confuse matter's more Mr Bird as given Wigan an extra Yellow Card?
"Also Mcnally reports Scot Parker as man of the match but Bird says it was Ameobi."

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 12:26
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