Request for Artifacts 1920's & 1960's

Started by: jspriggs (6)

Hi my name is John Spriggs. I work at Coops Foyer as a training officer with the young people resident here. We’re attending a resident’s conference at the JJB, 14th September. Throughout the conference within a function room, there’ll be displays representing each decade from 1910 till present day. We at Coops aim to produce displays representing 1920’s & 1960’s.

My request is for the loan of any artifacts from these eras, which we could use in our displays. Please be assured that we’ll take great care of anything offered us and that all items will be returned immediately after the conference.

If you can help or would like further details, then please contact me John Spriggs on 08451114442 (opt 4) or email

Thank you.

Started: 16th Aug 2006 at 16:00
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Posted by: john joseph (3197)

HI John
If you let me know what you have in mind I May be able to supply you with some bits n pieces
My place is like a blinkin antique shop full of useless things Ive collected over the years but as they say its like walking into the past here

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 00:04

Posted by: dave© (3507)

Why do you use an expensive, so called, local rate 0845 number? Do you not have a number beginning with 01, which for the majority of people, this would be cheaper to call.

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 00:31

Posted by: john joseph (3197)

MMMMMM thats a point Dave I never noticed that

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 01:31

Posted by: jspriggs (6)

With reference to our 0845 number, it's simply the way the Foyer's phone system is set up. All calls are charged at standard local rate. Alternatively I can also be emailed and I'd be happy to reply via phone. Thanks.

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 13:39

Posted by: jspriggs (6)

Hi Joseph
Thanks for the offer, would you let me know how to contact you further to this request?


Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 13:54

Posted by: john joseph (3197)

Hi John

I will give you a ring Thursday


Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 19:55

Posted by: jspriggs (6)

Hi again! We're now getting quite close to the 14th September, when we put together our displays. We've got several items but would be very grateful for more. I assure you whatever you can loan us for the day will be kept safe and returned immediately afterwards.

Items of interest could be LPs, photos, coins, maps of the time, 1966 world cup memorabilia, football/rugby programmes and books, just to mention a few things among many other there could be.

Once again thanks and don't hesitate to contact me for further details.

Replied: 1st Sep 2006 at 15:15

Posted by: john joseph (3197)


It would help if you put your correct tel number it should be 08451114442

and even better if you answer your voice mail when called
I checked that you are indeed boni-fide employee at Coops can never be too careful these days


Replied: 1st Sep 2006 at 20:09

Posted by: jspriggs (6)

Hi Joseph
Sorry about that. Yes you're right I missed a 4 out of our number. Just to clarify my number is 08451114442 (opt 4).


Replied: 4th Sep 2006 at 14:31
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