What You Can Do ?

Started by: john joseph (3197)

We all have an Idea,
A System,
Or way of life,
that we think, or want to promote could help "Save our Earth"

This is one of mine
Dont throw out used batteries they contain "Mercury" store them in a box then send them to a recycle plant once a year
or change to re-chargable ones
tell us YOUR Idea It is important we use this media of Internet forums to so others may copy us.

Next please your turn.


Started: 11th Apr 2007 at 01:45

Posted by: dougie (4817) 

Do that JJ
Put off a few years ago on road safty by friends on speeds and signs,
the numbers the councils all over the country have to paint on lamp posts and other things should be color coded big enough of every driver to see, ex-red 20, yellow-30, green-40 and so on, if you get finded for speeding hard luck signs would be on both side of road

Replied: 11th Apr 2007 at 08:55
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