Started by: rio caroni (5077) 

Just wondering if anyone else had had any problems with Ryanair flights.On Saturday
my wife and I went to Manchester airport to catch a Ryanair plane to Dublin,after
waiting for two hours or more for flight
info were informed that the flight had been cancelled.We were not offered any alternative flight or compensation and just told to go home and try to claim
the cost of the lost flights hotel costs
and taxi fares from our own insurance.
So much for customer care!

Started: 10th Apr 2007 at 13:13

Posted by: fozzy (75)

Thanks for the warning, won't be using them.

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 13:51

Posted by: seamonkey (inactive)

I use Ryanair simply because they are the only company in the winter to operate from where I live and have to say they are the worse airline Iv ever flown with. Their compensation is non existant and their customer service is dire.

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 14:08

Posted by: tonker (25233) 

I regularly use Ryanair and have had no problems at all. Flights to Reus, (Spain) can be had from £34.40 return from Liverpool Airport. A couple of months ago it cost me £39.90 to go to Newport (near Cardiff) one way, on the train from Wigan!

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 14:49

Posted by: rio caroni (5077) 

Tonker I myself have used ryanair in the past flying to Dublin and Cork as well as
Easyjet on several trips to Barcelona and appart from Ryanair changing the time of one flight to Cork by five hours have had no problems previously.I have since looked on a flight complaints web-site and
the treatment of customers by Ryanair is
nothing short of abysmal!

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 19:31

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Wouldn't trust any company with planes that have outside toilets,"top 'o' the mornin ta ya"

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 20:13

Posted by: francesmary (99)

never had any problems with ryanair flight i use them lot

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 20:49

Posted by: tonker (25233) 

I can only speak for myself. No problems. It's nearly always a 6.20am flight for me, so I'm still asleep when we get there!

PS .... I've never had to use the toilet on a plane yet. That's because I'm a 'grown up'.

Replied: 10th Apr 2007 at 20:54
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