Started by: billy (26053) 

gibsons recent outburst against the jewish nation,has got him in bigggg trouble. he knows it, and is on his hands and knees begging forgiveness.
his film braveheart however, so historically innacurate, after showings in scotland led to an upsurge in anti english c**p.i aint going to hold my breath for any appology to the english, cos we dont lose our tempers...just not cricket you know.the scots tourist board report a drop in the english bookings this yeay. (i wonder why)

Started: 8th Aug 2006 at 10:39

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)

billy you are talking crap..ive been here in scotland 7yrs now and you couldnt meet friendly people..have you lived here..and as for william wallace nobody gives a crap .its just for unless you have lived here yourself keep shut .cos you have,nt got a clue what your talking about

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 09:36

Posted by: billy (26053) 

fishyeee,dont lose it mate,youve lost the argument when that happens
as a point of interest fishy, i sailed out of peterhead for a number of i am well versed with the scotish an after thought, my grandma was a scot from oban.this conversation ENGLISH-SCOTS is about the bigots up there, not the race as a whole.enjoy your haggis pie thi.

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 10:25

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)

billy eveyone due there opinion

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 11:11

Posted by: billy (26053) 

thats all weve expressed fishy.opinions, i wouldnt for the world let it develop into any thing other than that.i would leave the post adrift.
hows life treating you then mate???where abouts you at up there?i like the west side myself, more greenary and scenery.had an offer of some sea fishing this weekend of the son in law. he aint a bad lad. he has a couple of boats he keeps moored in north wales.

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 15:06

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)

billy im living in stirling . to me its the best thing i did moving up here .the wifes scottish not sayin wigan boring but you cannot get scenery in wigan like you do up here..i still come down to wigan once & twice a year to see the family ..but i would never move back down there settled here..ive a good job .home car.friends and happy & content what more could i ask for

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 17:06

Posted by: billy (26053) 

what more could anyone want.
happy for you fishy, best of luck mate.

Replied: 13th Aug 2006 at 11:02

Posted by: cab75 (96) 

If anyone living in Wigan wants scenery you dont have to go any further than Belmont and Rivington, its beautiful there and only 8 miles from Wigan.

Replied: 13th Aug 2006 at 22:16

Posted by: aussie roy (2574) 

Wasn't this thread originally about Mel Gibson,half yankee,half Aussie? Not one of my favourite personalities,though over here they claim him as one of their own but like a lot of others he says he loves Australia,lives in the US and only visits when promoting their latest film or recording. As for scenery,you're right cab Rivington is nice,it was one the first places my wife and I re- visited in '96,we have a similar landscape where we live only on a bigger scale.Sad to say a vast area was destroyed in the January bushfires of 2003 but it is slowly recovering.

Replied: 14th Aug 2006 at 08:53

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Agree with cab75.
Belmont and Rivington are very beautiful.
I visit both often.

Oh' and on the Wigan side of Rivington near Blackrod there's a small village called Little Scotland.
"Now isn't that grand."

Replied: 16th Aug 2006 at 17:21


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