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Started by: kopitesere (inactive)

Did or has anyone had or got a cb if so what was or is your handle mine was bullit had one for years in the 80's,it was really great fun started to get a few idiots on it ,it went down hill from there.

Started: 26th Mar 2007 at 10:38

Posted by: empress (9667) 

I was only a kid when we got a rig, my first was a Jaws, teeny little thing it was and built to be chucked out a window cos they were still illegal at the time, we were on AM . I remember going on the march through wigan chanting
"what do we want" "CB!!!"
" When do you want it"..."NOW!"
" What frequency?"
"27AM............GIZ A 9? 27AM!!!!"

I was minni starlight.

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 10:53

Posted by: tommy (254) 

"ONE TRACK MIND",so people kept telling me so it seemed to be very aptforgot most people handles as its a long time ago,i started myself on A.M then we went legal(urggh),never went on a march though,bet that was fun.

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 13:28

Posted by: seamonkey (inactive)

cant remember what we had but my handle was waltzing matilda

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 16:29

Posted by: billy (26053) 


Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 16:36

Posted by: reddi8 (1107)

my young relation has a CB in his car it seems all the young farmers use them now.

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 17:22

Posted by: klunk yed (465) 

the milky bar kid

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 18:12

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

i sort of remember that handle klunk yed

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 18:25

Posted by: lectriclegs (4860)

had a presedent veep to start with then moved up sideband rigs .handle was the joker seems a lifetime ago any one remember the temparary greenhalgh pig?

Replied: 26th Mar 2007 at 18:28

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

i had a cheeza to start what a bleed over box that was,then got a harrier then an audioline 200,mum & dad didn't like it but had a 22 foot silver rod on the side of the house on 10 foot of scafolding pole ahhhh memories !!

Replied: 27th Mar 2007 at 16:37

Posted by: truckerdave (2337) 

I've still got one in the truck, it's a Midland Allen with AM/FM/MID BAND, it's still handy for finding out about traffic delays enabling me to take an alternative route, and it's not covered by the mobile phone reg's, we can still use the microphone without being prosecuted,
The one I had before it was a PRESIDENT LINCOLN, until some lowlife nicked it out of my truck one weekend

Replied: 28th Mar 2007 at 23:32

Posted by: lectriclegs (4860)

are people still using AM radios then dave ? i thought every body went to fm when it went legal ( sad day ! )
iv'e still got one in the garage might dig it out see if anyones '' got there ears on '' as they used to say 10 - 10

Replied: 29th Mar 2007 at 17:32

Posted by: dave© (3507)

I still use AM, although not on CB frequencies, I like it's clarity, it's punch, BBC quality etc.

Replied: 30th Mar 2007 at 01:23

Posted by: b8mex (299) 

I had several rigs over the years, mobile and home based. I was The Fonz on AM and later Playboy on FM.

Replied: 1st Apr 2007 at 09:56

Posted by: empress (9667) 

the fonz? aint gonna live that down geoff, no sireeee

Replied: 1st Apr 2007 at 10:24

Posted by: b8mex (299) 


Replied: 1st Apr 2007 at 18:13
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Posted by: lectriclegs (4860)

heeeeey the fonz dont you remember the joker. stayed at your house more than once had some good parties in late 70s
do you still drink whisky and milk?

Replied: 2nd Apr 2007 at 17:51

Posted by: empress (9667) 

lol ohhh gawd geoff.........the fonz!!!

Replied: 2nd Apr 2007 at 23:43

Posted by: b8mex (299) 

My god. IAN!!!!!

How you doing matey. Long time no see.

Yep, I remember the whisky and milk. NEVER DRANK IT SINCE!!! lol.
p.s. Keep quiet about the 70's thing. I'm sure it was the 80's anyway, lol.

I've got just one thing to say to you Emp. "Hey!"

Just read your earlier post. Minni Starlight. I remember you. I had a couple of mates round the corner from you , Ruby (Donna) and her sis (Sharon), can't remember her handle and their dad Don. In those days my handle was Playboy.

Replied: 12th Apr 2007 at 19:00
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