Whose Taller??

Started by: madamehmurray (6265) 

Out of you or your spouse who's taller? My hubbys is 5'6 or 5'7" I am 5'9" it used to bug me then I got used to his height.

Started: 22nd Mar 2007 at 20:20

Posted by: jacko (1599)


Oh, and by the way - I was taller than my wife, but only when we were walking - ha ha ha (ah)


Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 20:23

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Naughty naughty Jacko, you will be making dolly jealous

Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 20:27

Posted by: madamehmurray (6265) 

Okay. lol I am actually lot taller when he lets me stand on his feet.

Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 20:28

Posted by: jacko (1599)

Hi Aitch:
I allus wer's mi wellies when am wi Dolly.

PS - swap ya some chops fer sum ribs.

Have a nice evening.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx frum Dolly.

Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 20:31

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

At present my ribs are sore due to them over h(eating), caused by relaying flags, the stone kind, so sorry Jacko can't swap you any

Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 21:42

Posted by: jacko (1599)

Nice one, well put.
As for me,thats where 6 sons come in handy - whats that lads - OK, the kettles on.

I think the last time I got out the mower and cut the grass was probably closer to the ice or bronze age.

Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 22:07

Posted by: mollie m (6470) 

Well I'm only 5ft tall so I wouldn't want to be with anyone smaller than me! My fella's 6ft 1".

Replied: 23rd Mar 2007 at 00:47

Posted by: wiganer516 (5590) 

Me & my better half are both the same height 6ft except when she got her heals on then i make her walk in the gutter so we are the same height lol

Replied: 23rd Mar 2007 at 05:11

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Other half is taller, until I put my heels on.

Replied: 24th Mar 2007 at 10:14

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

I always smile when i see photos of Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart. She towers above him, especially with heels on. Peter Stringfellow and Tom Cruise are two more that i can think of.
I have some photos of me and my ex and iam taller than him and i look like his nurse or something,holding on to his arm.

Replied: 24th Mar 2007 at 14:30

Posted by: trish (716) 

My late husband was head & shoulders taller than me. I'd feel uncomfortable with a shorter bloke, younger I wouldn't mind, but not shorter!

Replied: 24th Mar 2007 at 23:38

Posted by: danni (inactive)

I'm 5 6 my ex was 5 10 height does not matter though its the package what counts

Replied: 24th Mar 2007 at 23:51

Posted by: ©art© (6154)

Everybody's the same height....Lied down

Replied: 24th Mar 2007 at 23:55

Posted by: rnicky74 (1295) 

My husband is taller than me. One of my best friends always seems to attract short girls or maybe they just look short 'cos he's 6' 10"!!

Replied: 25th Mar 2007 at 00:12

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

im taller but only just but as ©art© says we are all the same lied down

Replied: 25th Mar 2007 at 00:47

Posted by: madamehmurray (6265) 

his height use to bother me alot but I got used to it. I f you truly love someone youcan get used the them the way they are.

Replied: 28th Apr 2007 at 03:12


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