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Started by: Billinge Biker (2416) 

I see they have left their usual mess ..filth.. excrement for Cumbria council to clear up. These non contributors to society...tax evaders...earn money from dubious means..should be made to pay a bond to the council beforehand. All pubs closed due to previous behaviour...proper Romany gypsies do not purport to be supportive of the travelling tinker. (Spoke to many in the past) Why is this still allowed to happen ? I know it's been happening since 1700's. Get a grip of em

Started: 10th Jun 2024 at 16:12

Posted by: First Mate (2475)

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 16:42

Posted by: Stardelta (11971)

Posted by: Billinge Biker (2399) View Billinge Biker's page

Hope one and all are OK..it's nice to be nice

Nice to be nice??
Well that didn’t last long!!

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 17:24

Posted by: mollie m (7291) 

First Mate, I can't read whatever it is on the link you gave because I can not abide animal cruelty. These people should be rounded up and jailed, and their animals taken into care. I'm an avid animal lover, and despise anyone who mistreats any creature of the earth.

As Mr Biker said, these people are not gypsies in the truest sense because they don't leave a mess, nor are they cruel to animals. These are low-life excuses for humans.

Our old former member Billy, who died some years ago, attended these horrible spectacles and I had many a conflict with him about the treatment of horses.

I've been in the coach-built caravan of Mrs Silcock when the fair came to town back in the 50s, and it was absolutely stunning inside. Those nasty tinkers give true gypsies a bad name.

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 17:34

Posted by: tomplum (12734) 

Bandits at 6 o clock BB, I hope your shields are maintained and muck proof, not that I know what bile they are chucking but, I'm sure its not complementary

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 17:35

Posted by: peebee (748) 

You can't argue or defend the evidence .

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 17:43

Posted by: Billinge Biker (2416) 

I know the Silcocks well...they wintered at the back of the shops on market St Hindley.. Don't know what the "Turd" says...still on ignore...he's/she is not sticking up for the Tinkers is he/she.

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 18:15

Posted by: Stardelta (11971)

Would someone mind telling BB that no one is defending gypsies and their conduct, particularly with regard to their treatment of animals.

Instead they are pointing out his rank hypocrisy and reminding him that despite his recent absence it would appear he is still the biggest gobs***e WW has ever known.


Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 18:46

Posted by: Billinge Biker (2416) 

Eyup TP...caught one...don't know if it's male or female "Turd"...

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 18:53

Posted by: peebee (748) 

Well the peace didn't last long did it.

Replied: 10th Jun 2024 at 21:54

Posted by: PeterP (11471)

I have no gripes with so called travellers but where ever they visit they are a law upon their selves. They most of the time trespass and cause damage. They leave all their crap and most don't clean up when they leave. There are some millionaires amongst them and long gone when they towed a battered caravan with an even more battered transit. If they pitch up then before they are moved on they should be made to pay for the clean up or have a fancy 4x4 motor and a even fancier caravan impounded till they pay up.

Replied: 11th Jun 2024 at 09:39

Posted by: Billinge Biker (2416) 

Trading standards also relieved them of £500.000 worth of fake goods from their market stalls...sunglasses...fake perfumes etc....what a shame....

Replied: 12th Jun 2024 at 14:03

Posted by: tonker (28137) 

We once met several Irish "travellers" who had no less than 5 Ford Transits, all in white, all with the same registration number!

BB, the 'Silcocks' you mention, in Hindley, would be Arthur. He's only one of many and not the 'main mon'. Not all rides belong to a Silcock.

Replied: 12th Jun 2024 at 15:35

Posted by: Billinge Biker (2416) 

Aye Tonks and Lawrence...junior and Elder.

Replied: 12th Jun 2024 at 15:58

Posted by: peebee (748) 

Welcome to Appleby

Replied: 12th Jun 2024 at 20:56
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