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Started by: jacks (439) 

The other day I was biting a bit of dead skin off the end of one of my fingers. Then, absentmindedly, I swallowed it! I wonder, is eating yourself the ultimate in re-cycling?

Started: 20th Nov 2023 at 09:42

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15755)

Doo any of yoo pick your nose and eat your snot ?

Are you a snotgobler

Replied: 20th Nov 2023 at 10:15

Posted by: ena malcup (4151) 

A certain scene from Hannibal (the 2001 movie, that is) springs to mind.

Brain food, but I have refrained from link as it might upset some.

Replied: 20th Nov 2023 at 12:04

Posted by: JR (531)

An old pigmy proverb is "It is better to lie in the belly of a friend than be a meal for the worms!"

Replied: 20th Nov 2023 at 17:05


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