Old film projector.

Started by: admin (1253)

CAN ANYONE LOAN AN OLD STYLE FILM PROJECTOR?? A lady has offered some old reels of film from the 1940's taken by her father, to the Local History Society. Has anyone got an old style film projector they could loan the society so they can watch the films? If they are as interesting as they appear to be, as the film descriptions on the film tins.Then the History Society would look to having them transferred to disc.

Started: 29th Jun 2022 at 21:30
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Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10089)

What size are the films, 8mm or 16mm.

Replied: 29th Jun 2022 at 22:13

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10089)

If they are from the 1940s I would imagine that they are 16mm

Replied: 29th Jun 2022 at 22:15

Posted by: admin (1253)

I won't know until we see them.

Replied: 30th Jun 2022 at 09:12

Posted by: JR (334)

If a 16mm projector is required, the only person I know who is likely to have one is Tony Meadows (aka Custer) who has run a Fantasy Film Society for years. However, I haven't seen him for a couple of years and don't know how to get in touch. He doesn't have internet. I don't know where he lives but people on here have mentioned him now and again. But recently someone told be he isn't in good health.

Replied: 6th Jul 2022 at 17:06

Posted by: admin (1253)

JR thanks for that info. Just got to locate him now. I'll put a request for info on his whereabouts.

Replied: 7th Jul 2022 at 16:43

Posted by: PeterP (9471)

Ring Film Convertions -Showtime on 01942-726123 and see if they can help. They have a web site and they are upstairs in the Greenway Centre Ashton

Replied: 8th Jul 2022 at 14:56

Posted by: admin (1253)

Thanks for the info.. I have been in touch with this company for a quote. What I want is to view the films prior to having them copied to ensure they are worth doing.

Replied: 9th Jul 2022 at 19:04


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