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Just received this email can anyone help?

I’ve just been looking at the website.
My family used to run the Cranberry Hotel.
It was originally ran by my grandparents Tom & Nelly Vincent.
They built it up from a roadside cafe up to a proper hotel.
My Dad (John Vincent) is in hospital at the moment and the doctors are not sure how much longer he will live.
Myself and my sisters all moved away from Wigan over 20-30 years ago but would love to hear about any stories etc that referred to the Vincent family.
We know that we/they ran the hotel for many years.
Anything that anyone could tell us would be amazing.
I think that the hotel is not there anymore but it’s still part of my family history so we would be still interested in anything that people can tell us.
Huge thanks in advance
Kind regards
Katy Vincent

Started: 14th May 2022 at 11:15

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Did Bob have the Cranberry Lodge garage?

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Hi Ron,
Originally Bob owned the lot, the garage, the Cranberry building , race horse stables and the haulage depot. He sold the Cranberry building to his brother Tommy. Youngest brother Freddy also lived at the Cranberry with his family before moving to Whalley Range.

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