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Started by: PeterP (9470)

Does any one who works for the council who plan then get place signs erected know the area that they are getting these signs erected. A sign was erected near Ridding Lane which had "Welcome to Ashton" Now been changed To "Welcome to Ashton-In-Makerfield" There was a sign on Low Bank Road which had "Welcome to the Three Sisters Recreation Area" which is over 1 mile away. At times they even put street names in the wrong place

Started: 30th Apr 2022 at 08:32

Posted by: tomplum (9330) 

Those are the new starters Peter, the seasoned veterans do the clever stuff, traffic junction changes, Marus bridge traffic lights are famous for, being the only major road junction with permittable 'U' turns because the designers forgot about the tens of thousands of residents who live on Hawkey Hall estate who could not access their own road without doing a detour,

Replied: 30th Apr 2022 at 16:17

Posted by: Platty (1478)

peterP: Are you after something for you? PeterP Avenue, PeterP cycle path. PeterP Road, PeterP Close, PeterP the Knob (Kings Sutton), PeterP Bell End, Peter P Shaggs: What is it? What do you want your road named?

Replied: 30th Apr 2022 at 18:47

Posted by: PeterP (9470)

Platty there are already roads with my name in it

Replied: 30th Apr 2022 at 18:59

Posted by: tonker (25468) 

Replied: 1st May 2022 at 19:35


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