Meter Readings

Started by: First Mate (825)

Is anyone else finding that they cant submit a meter reading today?

Started: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:21

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10207)

That will be because the computer systems of the electric companies will be overloaded, because of the sheer volume of folk trying to submit their readings.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:26

Posted by: lectriclegs (4926)

But you did it yesterday, oh hang on a minute, that was me.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:28

Posted by: jacks (376) 

Yes - us. I've just posted a message about it.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:29

Posted by: fossil (7527)

Octopus Energy say that readings would be better submitted on Saturday 2nd April, the day the new prices come into effect.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:33

Posted by: First Mate (825)


Would that be todays reading submitted tomorrow or tomorrow's reading

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:38

Posted by: Billinge Biker (1525) 

Take a picture of both on your phone... Pictures are encrypted with date taken.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:39

Posted by: fossil (7527)

First mate ,I don't know. I just saw what the Octopus CEO said on twitter.

I am not sure whether there is a facility on Octopus to submit a photo, but it seems a good idea.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:43

Posted by: First Mate (825)

Thanks Fossil.
I don't think there is a facility on my providers site either.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:47

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

I have taken photos of both BB, better than nothing.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:48

Posted by: Billinge Biker (1525) 

Beltin.... You can attach a photo of the readings to an e-mail to them

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 14:54

Posted by: First Mate (825)

Still cant get through to them.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 15:18

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

I have the photos ready, now I can't find an email address to send them to British Gas.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 15:47

Posted by: nanajacqui (4213)

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:09

Posted by: First Mate (825)

Only 5 hours for them to accept my reading. I still cant look at past bills though. No doubt have to go through the same palava in a few days.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:23

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10207)

I have videoed my meter readings

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:35

Posted by: mortarmillbill (796)

Our e on electric meter is not showing a reading and just has 2 red lights flashing.

Anyone know why?

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:40

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

Thanks nana for the info.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:41

Posted by: nanajacqui (4213) 

You're welcome Domino it's nice to be of help

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:53

Posted by: riocaroni (342)

You won't save anything so why bother?

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 16:59

Posted by: First Mate (825)

"You won't save anything so why bother?

By sending in a meter reading now you are drawing a line under the amount of energy you have used at the cheaper rate. If you dont send in a reading then your provider will estimate what you have used. Always in their favour.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:15

Posted by: Platty (1492)

Fossil: the CEO of Oyster has said any readings submitted by 2.4.2022 will be charged at the lower rate, i.e. before the raise.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:25

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

What a pain, I just tried to send an Email to British Gas, when I pressed send, up popped a message," please correct these email addresses before sending:" I used the "" email address.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:27

Posted by: PeterP (9504)

You have to be very quick to take a photo of your reading If I miss the reading the meter then goes through thirteen other blank readings then the screen goes blank and you have to start again

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:29

Posted by: tomplum (9416) 

saving a few shillings is important To us poor people hey FM ?

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:31

Posted by: nanajacqui (4213) 

I googled it Domino

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:42

Posted by: First Mate (825)

Taking a photo will help if your provider over estimates your use. I'd hang on to it and see what happens.
Yes tom some people are less fortunate than others

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 17:47

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

The email address is correct nana, it mustn't be the right one to use for what I want.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 18:17

Posted by: gasmon (97)

A bloke is plummeting earthwards as his parachute won't open. All of a sudden he is passed by another bloke going at a rate of knots in the other direction. He shouts out "oi mate, do you know anything about parachutes"? Other bloke shouts back "no mate, do you know anything about gas cookers"?

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 18:28

Posted by: riocaroni (342)

Your next bill will show 2 rates, one upto 31 March other from 1 April as has happened in the past when charges change?

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 18:49

Posted by: PeterP (9504)

Rio if these companies can get away with charging for more units at the new rates then they will. If people have a record/send in a reading today then they have some back up Do you know how much elect/gas you have used since your last bill up to today

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 19:02

Posted by: dougie (4853) 

Bring back the old Penney meter, we could fiddle that easy and safely

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 21:15

Posted by: ena malcup (1541) 

I remember my gran's in early 1950's.

Had gas, but not leccy.

What a palaver when meter ran out during darkness.
Searching for a bob for gas. Searching in darkness for controls to turn off, and again to turn on, once bob in the meter. Dead easy to break the mantle in the dark.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 21:44

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10207)

I remember putting a new mantle on gas lamps, they burned in, and then they became very delicate, don't touch them, or they would disintegrate.

If we had not got gas or lecky, and we were fumbling around in the dark, we would use matches, and then we found out how a 'match burned twice'

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 23:11

Posted by: Pewfall (275) 

Wiv rumours of increasing energy I changed supplier and did a 2 year fix in Oct 21. It proved a lucky move as no increase for me till Oct 2023. Nevertheless I've had a go at not heating the whole house for hours on end, been wearing 3 layers indoors and been active. Last night i tried an hot water bottle (first time in 30 yrs) watching telly at night wiv an airline blanket. I was ok. It reminded me of childhood where central heating didn't exist. A mini experiment for me, yes, but I recognise the sudden rise in energy cost is so unfair and worrying for so many folk.

Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 23:18

Posted by: Domin0 (346)


Replied: 31st Mar 2022 at 23:45
Last edited by Domin0: 1st Apr 2022 at 00:07:24

Posted by: Owd Codger (1002)

All part and parcel of rip off UK which we mugs keep voting for, no matter what party is in power!

Why people want to leave a warm country where they do not need to pay for energy like we do is beyond belief.

It must be the benefit system, free health service for which they have never contributed and priority on Council waiting lists that attracts them.

Replied: 1st Apr 2022 at 07:59

Posted by: Platty (1492)

Ena: do you remember the meter man coming round and counting the shillings?

Replied: 1st Apr 2022 at 08:34

Posted by: Anne (4191) 

I remember the gas meter being emptied. The shillings and pence would be counted and put into separate piles, then counted and recorded in the meter man’s little book. Before he left my mother would give him two half crowns in exchange for the right amount of change from the piles of coins just to make sure of having enough to start the cycle again.

Replied: 1st Apr 2022 at 09:09

Posted by: Domin0 (346)

Platty our leccy meter took a penny, and the penny was put in and dropped straight out, but it was counted, I can't remember the gas meter, but you knew when the gas and leccy were running low, they began begging.

Replied: 1st Apr 2022 at 09:10

Posted by: Owd Codger (1002)

Prepare yourself for another rip off in energy prices in October with the war in Ukraine now being the latest excuse!

Replied: 2nd Apr 2022 at 00:38

Posted by: chatty (8876) 

I'm surprised there hasn't been more fury concerning the "standing charge" rises.
My electricity charge has just jumped up 75%
Nothing more than a blatently cynical move by the companies who know people will try to tightened their belts by using less so clobber them with a charge they can't do anything about to keep on raking it in..

Replied: 2nd Apr 2022 at 08:03

Posted by: First Mate (825)

Replied: 2nd Apr 2022 at 10:51

Posted by: chatty (8876) 

Thanks, so what I can gather from that is most of the standing charge is to subsidies the companies who didn't go tits up for taking on the customers of the ones who did.
Looks very similar to the banking crisis back in the day when Joe (muggings) public bailed them out the last time capitalism went awry!

Replied: 3rd Apr 2022 at 00:00

Posted by: AngelWood (771)

I got a 2 year fixed deal in Oct 21 same as Pewfall, but I am paying 80% more than I was in September 21, but less than the new price cap.

Replied: 3rd Apr 2022 at 00:27

Posted by: Owd Codger (1002)

It would appear that it has not yet sunk in with many people that we are heading for hard times and economies will have to be made as a result of the above normal increases in prices, especially in food, petrol/diesel, energy, rents, holidays etc, etc will according to reports will go even worse in the coming months.

The problem many today will find is that unlike elderly of seventy years of age and above, they have never known any hardship like in was in the late forties, fifties and early sixties!

Replied: 3rd Apr 2022 at 09:58

Posted by: Platty (1492)

Chatty: Martin Lewis warned about this some time ago. He said the companies taking on the failed ones would want compensating for the losses and that would go on the standing charge, so not to be fooled by the 54%.
Yes, should have let the banks go bust, would have reined them back to normality. We could have looked after mortgagors. The bonuses would suffer. Ah, how sad.

Replied: 3rd Apr 2022 at 10:18

Posted by: dougie (4853) 

British Gas as started already with not trusting our meter readings,

They state I'm on track with a £60+ over payment, making a surplus credit totaling £474.53 with changing over to them, but can't have a refund as this could be used up before October 2022

They are taking £70+ a month so it's only going to increase the credit I already have as we come into summer months.
From BG
Your reading doesn’t seem right
Based on your previous ones, the last meter reading you gave us doesn’t seem quite right. We’ll double-check, but we may be in touch for more information.

In the meantime, you won’t be able to access certain features on your account - but it’ll all be back to normal as soon as we’ve finished.

Replied: 5th Apr 2022 at 17:11
Last edited by dougie: 5th Apr 2022 at 17:14:32

Posted by: Platty (1492)

That's very naughty dougie. Did you take piccies of your meters?

I'm with Octopus and they doubled my dd. I immediately wrote to them and asked them for an explanation as to why the cap has gone up 54% they've increased my dd by 100%. I also asked them if they were in breach of their licence by doing that.

They have reduced my dd to the amount I offered, which was just over 50%. No quibbles.

I would be inclined to tell BG to reduce your dd or you will cancel your dd until you are in less credit with them. There isn't much they can do about that, it's your money.

Replied: 5th Apr 2022 at 17:53

Posted by: dougie (4853) 

Yes i did take meter photo's on the 31of April and submitted them it will sort it self out over time they are just trying it on, I feel sorry for them that are hard pushed and need the cash to live on,

just put it on to show the things they will do

Replied: 5th Apr 2022 at 20:10

Posted by: mortarmillbill (796)

Still can't submit a meter reading to British Gas and I have been trying daily since 31.3.22.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Replied: 5th Apr 2022 at 20:20

Posted by: tonker (25559) 

My latest electricity bill was waiting for me when I got home ......

About your electricity tariff:

Tariff name: Pay Monthly Variable
Payment method: Monthly direct debit
Unit rate: 26.69p / kWh
Standing charge: 40.23p / day (£146.84/year)
Estimated annual usage: 3936 kWh
Termination fee: None.

They're the new / higher rates from 1st April, up from 19.172 per kWh and 23.212 per day.
That's 39% increase on the electricity and 74% increase on the standing charge. (well, somebody has to pay for the 'smart' meters!)

So - I had a look for a cheaper contract and found the cheapest was one called "OVO Energy" (never heard of him!) a twelve month fixed rate contract at ......
Unit rate 37.055p per kWh
Standing charge 43.09p per day.

Next was Scottish Power, 13 month fixed rate contract, at ......

Unit rate 55.675p per kWh
Standing charge 42.24p per day

Now, that really is taking the piss, so I'm sticking with Bulb!

Replied: 5th Apr 2022 at 21:13


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