Willgoose Lane

Started by: TerryW (6955)

When was the lane closed off, walked past today I had forgotten it had been fenced. Any ideas?

Started: 21st Oct 2021 at 15:25

Posted by: jo anne (33880) 

I can’t recall ever noticing it, TerryW.

View from Wallgate
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Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 15:34

Posted by: admin (1032)

Walked down here hundreds of times when I worked at Plessey's.. It is still fenced off now, checked it yesterday. I don't know if it was legally done???

Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 15:49

Posted by: TerryW (6955)

Always thought it was and still a public right of way.

Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 15:55

Posted by: TerryW (6955)

Little by little the town as I and many others know it is disappearing.

Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 15:58

Posted by: momac (11866) 

Another name is The Ropewalk..a place of my childhood..the back of our house was just where that figure others,I wonder why it's fenced off.

Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 16:55

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8337)

It was closed off about 16 years ago.

Replied: 21st Oct 2021 at 17:19

Posted by: TerryW (6955)

16 Years? Flippin' eck didn't realise that.

Replied: 22nd Oct 2021 at 08:23


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