Started by: PeterP (8782)

What is happening with the Tv at the momentRetuned Tv 3 times in the last few days and some programmes are either pixulated or the programme is different from the channel guide . Wanted to watch born mucky a life on the farm on Ch 12 but Tv was showing Wheeler dealers Thought it may have been the Tv but went into the bedroom and that Tv was doing the same,Tv's are on seperate aerials

Started: 25th Jul 2021 at 18:45

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7813)


It sounds like the hot weather and high pressure as caused co-channel interference, and it is due to a phenomenon known as tropospheric ducting.

Try retuning your TV and at the end of the retune, make sure that Northwest is selected as to where you want your TV channels to come from

Replied: 25th Jul 2021 at 19:47

Posted by: tomplum (7641) 

I hav't noticed any trophecticwasername but, thanks for that tip TTS, I'm not sure whether you're the cleverest person on here of just full of bullospeticdroppings.

Replied: 25th Jul 2021 at 19:54


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