Congestion Charge

Started by: Platty (532)

But it is being re-named Clean Air Zone.
Bolton is putting up 76 + ANPR cameras which from 30 May 2022 will charge non compliant (emissions) commercial vehicles per day, £60 goods vehicles, buses and coaches, £10 vans, £7.50 taxis and private hire vehicles. Failure to pay the charge will be £120 fine + the daily charge.
How long before this rolls out to private vehicles?

It is to be rolled out to cover all 493 square miles of Greater Manchester.

Andy Burnham said, "It's a fact that it's the poorest kids in the poorest communities that have to breathe in the most polluted air."
What a quality thought! The poorer people cannot afford cleaner more economic vehicles, so what do you do? Stick them with charges. Fines they will never repay and increase the cost of goods to pay for the commercial vehicles charges and fines.

Watch the Council Taxes rise and rise.

This from the Mayor who took the railway pass from the most vulnerable elderly and charged them £10, and gave it to the most able.

In 2008 the people of GM voted against a congestion charge.
In 2012 the people of GM voted against a Mayor.

I think that GM is being used as a guinea pig to erode democracy. If it comes into GM, roll it out the country.

Started: 22nd Jul 2021 at 13:11

Posted by: PeterP (8826)

If I thought I could get away without paying for Burnham I would.Why do we pay for a Mayor of Wigan and a Mayor of G Manchester

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 14:14

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4138) 

PETERPp,, Absolutely nothing this shite of a major does surprise's me ,it has been well documented on this site my views and opinion of the said burnham...are lower than a snake's belly!!! He has still to get back to me regarding my late father's claim for compensation in the mines ,which i will refresh you , He and his allies lost all my father's paper-work, birth cert/autopsy .death cert/ and numerous more ... But back to the point in question these area's of deprivation were there is high poverty and poor places were kids breathe in all these fumes ,can he tell me/us that when he steals this money and gets all this extra cash how will he clean the air ? Would it be a good idea to build erect all these schools that are in heavily built up poor area's put them where there is less traffic ?? But hey that's too complicated for buham ,no he tax the hard working motorist to death .Why not go back to the drawing board as i say and try and build all schools in greener area's with as little as possible the need for cars . So looking to future in just a few years time when the gov make us use /go all ELECTRIC vehicles surely then there would be NO NEED FOR A CONGESTION CHARGE WOULD THERE ??? IN the meantime if he gets his way and implements these taxes ,i ask him will he lift them when electric come on stream ?????? Why can't he just wait a couple of years so ,and look at the savings in not putting all theses camera's up that could be spent in and on the poorer places ,by the way in the 21 st century we should not be having poor area's shouls we ??????GB

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 15:34

Posted by: Platty (532)

GB : I mistakenly believed that the road fund licence had differing charges to cover emissions.
My mate told me his bike road tax is more than his wife's, which is zero. Laughing stock might be able to confirm that.
When every vehicle complies, where are they going to get their money from?
It is the law of diminishing returns.

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 18:13

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4138) 

OH i like that PLATTY,, You have hit that for six out of the park as they say ...GB

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 15:57


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