blonde girl joke,

Started by: tomplum (7873) 

two blonde girls and one says to the other, " which is further, the moon or Florida ?" the other blonde girl says, " H E L L O, can you see florida ?"

Florida 21/7/21

Started: 21st Jul 2021 at 22:09

Posted by: broady (17281) 

I am confused!!!! Have you opened your Christmas crackers seven months late or five months early?

Replied: 21st Jul 2021 at 23:02

Posted by: tomplum (7873) 

I'm just fulfilling my obligations to my fan base Broady, My stalker peruses my videos looking for 'out takes' , So that little blonde joke will make an interesting snippet for his collection, ,

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 10:03


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