Football Idiots?

Started by: fedup (193)

Who are the most stupid? The idiots who posted racist abuse on the web following the football- or the England Team Management for giving the responsibility for the decisive 5th penalty to a 19 year old player who allegedly had never taken a penalty in a match before (if the Press are to be believed?)
PS England were poor and did not deserve to win!

Started: 12th Jul 2021 at 08:48

Posted by: roylew (3381)

We couldn’t match the Italian players skillfull ball control and they always found a man in space to pass to we were resigned to the long ball syndrome

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 09:14

Posted by: anniedingle (74)

Italy to good for england ..

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 09:30

Posted by: PeterP (8820)

Were NOT bringing it homeWhere do we get the moronic supporters fromPictured yesterday climbing on buses causing damage fighting each other breaking into Wembley leaving mess every where not just in London but local also setting flares off and fireworks. Best thing that can happen is for all mayor football events to be played abroad.These supportors were nothing but hooligans and don't deserve to attend any sporting event in this country

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 10:29

Posted by: whups (6888) 

there are more than you think who put racists comments on here like immigrants who come here & forget that some have lost their lives including children .

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 11:47

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7994)

After the way the England fans boooed, the Italian National Anthem, they deserved to lose

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 14:17

Posted by: linma (2686)

I have just read the Mail on line and when receiving their medals some of the players removed them. What was that all about? Win or lose by doing that they let themselves and their country down. We are so proud of them. Sour grapes and childish.

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 15:18

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

It's more common than you might think linma , a lot of players are success obsessed and coming second is something their egos struggle with. I don't mind I've got 2 medals from finals I didn't play in

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 16:14

Posted by: whups (6888) 

nothin like sticking the boot in when a team is down .

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 16:14

Posted by: roylew (3381)

I think there were only 2 or 3 players who didn’t take off their medals….very immature adults

Replied: 12th Jul 2021 at 20:08

Posted by: WN1 Standisher (316)

I watched all the tournament and watched the team progress. My opinions and observations are: a) If you are trying to fire up your opposition who, standing in a stadium, vastly outnumbered and nervous, why not boo their National Anthem. Mancini must have been rubbing his hands, the minority did his job for him. b) We made another fast start, a goal in under 2 minutes. Opinion: , we should have gone after them for the elusive 2nd goal. The longer it went, the more feared we became. 2nd half, we barely turned up. c) Opinion: , later in the game, cards should have come into play. I'm not blaming the ref for our defeat, but anyone who stops a player getting through by grabbing the back of his collar pulling him off his feet should get their marching orders. A 10 man Italian team at that point would have got mullered. d) Penalties: I'm not sure how the lineup is/was decided but to have a 19 year old taking the vital 5th with the scores poised as it was, at best, foolhardy. I don't blame the lad, there were more experienced boots on hand to take on that responsibility. The fact that he held his hand up at the vital moment speaks volumes for the lad and his mentality. e) The racist backlash: Hypothetical, forget which Clubs they represent, what would have been the reaction if the 2 Harry's had missed 2 of the 3 ? Graffiti on walls, abuse on social media or worse ? No probably not. But because we have ENGLAND players with BLACK skin, it's open season. What will be the reaction when 1 or more of these players see us into the World Cup and potentially another final ? Southgate, in my opinion has done a fantastic job of building a Team mentality where they were all fighting for each other. Tactically possibly a bit green but as he said, they're all still learning. We will come again. f ) Wembley, the occasion: again the idiot minority, most of them full of ale, show the Country up in the eyes of the World whilst the FA are trying to put a solid case forward for hosting a full World Cup. I think that ship has sailed !!

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 15:44

Posted by: grimshaw (2936) 

Possibly a little green tactically .Clearly having a laugh .
He reverted to type just as he did in Moscow when we scored an early goal v Croatia in the W C semi final.
Someone at the F A should have a word and tell him you dont win trophies by scoring first then go all defensive .
Kane was clearly knackered .Should have been hooked early doors .
Mount was asked to play a role he clearly hates rather than the free attacking role he has at chelsea .
Sterling anonymous on the big stage .
We will never win a major trophy unless the mindset changes .
Attack Attack Attack .

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 18:44

Posted by: broady (17264) 

The one thing all the headlines about missed penalties etc. has done is saved Kane and Sterling getting the stick they deserved for very poor games in the final. Both should have been subbed way before the end of the match. Kane has a poor championship IMO. I am not a fan of the stuttering run ups for penalties. I know Fernandes seems successful with it but not for me.

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 19:17

Posted by: WN1 Standisher (316)

Agreed broady

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 19:25

Posted by: grimshaw (2936) 

They where there for the taking in the first 30 minutes with a little more adventurous play when the italians were clearly unsettled .
I backed italy at 9-1 and although i hedged and won a decent few sovs i would have been well happy if england had won.

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 19:45

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7994)

If England had won the final, your men would still have been calling them

Replied: 13th Jul 2021 at 22:47

Posted by: basil brush (17088)

usual "they play better for there club than country"

The racists are just cowardly scum.

Replied: 14th Jul 2021 at 08:34


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