Ex-Pats Deadline - 31st March .....

Started by: tonker (23952) 

Apparently. They've got the police waiting to swoop, in Spain at least, on British people who haven't got residency cards.
I should imagine France is the same, in fact, all EU countries will enforce this.

Non-EU non-residents are only allowed to stay in an EU country for 90 days in 180 days, and the 31st March is the 90th day after the brexit deadline.

The UK is now classed as a third country, which means it's a non-EU nation, so the British are being targeted.
British people who are living over there, and want to drive, will have to exchange their UK driving licence for an EU licence !
They'll be pulling GB plated cars over rant-away!

Read about it - Here!

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Posted by: peter israel (1086) 

tonker's my sister have lived in spain for the last 30years near Sitges she tells me that the expats just can’t be arsed to put there papers [she has] in for residency and people who are driving non Spanish cars, which means they aren’t MOT’d !!! tonker do you Interact with the locals or do you hang with the expats just being nosey parker

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Posted by: laughing gravy (inactive)

peter how can he? hes never over theer...

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Posted by: tonker (23952) 

LG - Normally, I'm over there for at least a week a month. Sometimes two weeks, rarely three.
Since January 2020, I've only managed five visits. Three flying it and two driving it. I'll be driving over next in a couple of weeks.

Peter - I do interact with the locals. Very much so. I also associate with one or two English who live over there full-time. I've been there for over 14 years.
I haven't got full residency as I don't wish to move over there permanently, but have NIE number, padron and own land and property there.
That means I can only spend 90 days there in any 180. I have to apply for what's called a TIE card.

I've got two cars over there. Both are UK plated, neither are MoT'd or taxed.
It follows that I'm a prime candidate for targeting if I drive out of the area in them.
I'm going to get a Spanish car then bring one of the UK cars back here and scrap the other one.
They might try to impose a tariff on the one I bring back if I'm not careful !

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Posted by: tonker (23952) 

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