Beatles Trivia

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Beatles Trivia

The band liked the idea of using the name of an insect as a band name, and they were fans of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
Because John Lennon loved puns, he altered the spelling of “Beetles” to “Beatles”.

The Beatles had various names before they became famous,
The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, the Silver Beetles, et cetera have all been mentioned.
But one is missing.
About a week before returning home from their second Hamburg stint, The Beatles (John, Paul, George, and Pete) recorded a record with Tony Sheridan.
The name they used on that record was The Beat Brothers.

Paul McCartney’s full name is James Paul McCartney.

Paul, a Catholic, was inspired to write ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ by the Vatican ritual where a cardinal bangs the late pope on the forehead five times with a silver hammer to make sure that he is dead.

John Lennon’s full name was John Winston Lennon, he later changed it to John Ono Lennon.

George Harrison famously was accused of plagurising a song called ‘He’s so fine’ by the Chiffons.
In 1976, Harrison was found to have subconsciously plagiarised the song from his hit ‘My Sweet Lord’, a verdict that had repercussions throughout the music industry.

This is TUKUO’s version of the two songs fused together.
Fast forward to one minute to just hear the music.
He’s My Sweet Fine Lord

Ringo’s real name is Richard Starkey.
Richard Starkey, called “Ritchie” by his doting mother, was born in Liverpool in 1940; he began playing the drums in a hospital band at the age of 13 while recuperating from a bout of tuberculosis, and by 17 he had helped to found the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Band.
He joined the Beatles in 1962, replacing their first drummer, Pete Best.

For a while ‘Abbey Road’s working title was ‘Everest’ (after engineer Geoff Emerick’s fave brand of fags), but when it was suggested that the band go to the Himalayas to shoot the cover they decided they couldn’t be bothered and named it after the street the studio was on.

On the ‘Help!’ album sleeve the semaphore letters that the four Beatles are spelling out with their arms does not say H E L P, but N U J V.

It took 129 days and 400 hours of studio time to record and complete Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Masters in 'The Beatles' launched at University of Liverpool
Fans of The Beatles will be able to study for a Masters degree in the Fab Four as the University of Liverpool opens applications for a new programme.
Beatles Masters Degree

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Ringo hated the food in India (1968). So he returned home earlier than the rest of the band.

While he was there, he survived mostly eating beans on toast.

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