Gordon McQueen /Dementia

Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4050) 

I was saddened to hear about an ex red player Gordon McQueen being diagnosed with a form of dementia . This cruel disease seems to be on the increase albeit today we have more access to news these days .
I was wondering if anyone saw the Graeme Souness comments about !! heading the ball """ he thinks it would be a good idea to ban the " heading of the ball "" in football . I appreciate the concern but can you imagine watching a game and no "headers"" allowed , excuse the pun ( i can't get my head round that ) as for Gordon too he is only 68 yrs its very sad and also i see that the family of another red hero NOBBY STILES ,they have donated his brain to medical science i applaud them and hope it helps to try and rid of us from these horrible diseases that seems to be becoming a more regular happening these days finally just to wish all the families concerned best wishes .G.B.
PS . before i am hung I apologise for editing this under " general " i think i should have put it under sport .

Started: 24th Feb 2021 at 16:11
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Posted by: whups (6705) 

but he could,nt half head a ball alan .

Replied: 24th Feb 2021 at 16:39

Posted by: grimshaw (2900) 

Terrific post G B .

Replied: 24th Feb 2021 at 19:23

Posted by: WN1 Standisher (285)

Seems to be coming more to the fore these days. I know medical science is more aware of these injuries and their causes today and its inevitable that more will be done to stamp out bad practice at source. But, and I know its been said before that the old heavy leather football was to blame. Especially when sodden, it's continuous reps in practice that did most of the damage. Players didn't become brilliant in the air by accident, they spent hours honing the skill. I read recently that the weight of the football hasn't changed over the years. That maybe so but the composition of the ball now tends to suggest no water uptake, it should be the same weight at full time as at the start. It would be interesting to see if the old ball was ever weighed at full time after a downpour ?. Unfortunately heading is an integeral part of the game and it begs the question what sort of spectacle would it be without it ?. Imagine a corner kick or free kick placed high into the box . Unless some athletic 6 footer was to atempt a bicycle kick it should be 'keepers ball. Perhaps an experimental game should be played after the season where headers were outlawd and penalised with a free kick to the opposition to see how the game looked, how the players felt taking part and how strategy would evolve with the rule change. I feel for Gordon, Nobby, Geoff and indeed the rugby players who's head injuries have meant life changing circumstances later down the line. The games evolved, perhaps the rules should too !!

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 09:57

Posted by: basil brush (16879)

So sad, I posted it on the Bobby Charlton thread.

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 11:25

Posted by: tonker (23952) 

Could you imagine, a boxing match where the opponents couldn’t hit each other?
Or cricket, where the ball had to be soft in case anybody got hit in the head?
Rugby league, wearing crash helmets and rugby union with foam studs on the soles of their boots?

Ace! I think we’d all better top ourselves now, before it all goes any worse!

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 15:46

Posted by: tonker (23952) 

bloody daft I-phone sent it twice!

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 15:46
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Posted by: momac (11757) 

I'm glad somebody else's phone has hiccoughs as well as mine.

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 16:07


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