Warriors virus situation

Started by: i-spy (15009) 

Club Statement: Covid-19

Wigan Warriors have today closed their Robin Park Arena training ground for a ten-day period following a number of positive Covid-19 tests.

Following Monday's morning's round of testing, the Club acted swiftly to ensure the safety of all players, staff and their families.

The decision has been taken to help remove the trace of the virus and eradicate it from the first team group.

Those who tested positive are now self-isolating at home for a minimum of ten days, along with any other individuals who have been identified as a close contact, as per Government guidelines.

There will be further rounds of testing at the Club on 12th and 17th February. Following those results, the RFL’s Multiple Cases Group will consider whether the first team squad can return to Training

Started: 8th Feb 2021 at 21:07

Posted by: momac (11682) 

Oh dear me,let's hope everybody's okay and gets through it.

Replied: 8th Feb 2021 at 22:18

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7417)

Sounds like they have been partying

Replied: 8th Feb 2021 at 23:51

Posted by: kathpressey (5308) 

they train together so not surprising if it spreads. Nothing to do with partying TTS

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 08:24

Posted by: jathbee (10882)

Not surprised at all.
Some people haven't seen their families for a year now and yet these men are allowed to have close contact with each other for the purpose of training. No wonder some are ignoring lockdown rules. I'm not condoning breaking the rules at all but I can see how some may view it.

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 09:39

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7417)

It just goes to show how very contagious and dangerous Covid-19 is.

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 11:28

Posted by: broady (17028) 

If it is so contagious how come a man can get it and his wife, who lives in the same house, doesn’t get it? BTW I am not denying the existence of Covid nor understating how dangerous it is.

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 12:21

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7417)

Well broady lets have look at a few scenarios ?

Woman has already the covid and was asymptomatic, so she didn't know she had it, so she is already immune.

She doesn't like her husband, so she naturally performs social distancing, and keeps away from him.

Vice Versa

Man doesn't like his wife, so he 'keeps out road of her' as we Wiganers would put it.

Man is so tight and mean, that he wouldn't give someone the steam of his poo, never mind a covid infection.

Luck,,, he gets better and she just has not got caught it off him, and who knows why not.

I suppose yoo could get silly over it and think up some daft reasons why she did not catch the covid.

But such is life, and rugby players are mauling about physically with each other, so transmission is highly likely between them

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 12:37

Posted by: basil brush (16648)

I think they've changed it now, but they said from April you might be able to go into a pub for something to eat, but no alcohol,does that mean you won't catch covid if you only eat in a pub?

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 12:44

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7417)

A pub with no beer

Pub With No Beer

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 13:28

Posted by: jathbee (10882)

My sister had covid and was quite ill from it, she works for the NHS at Wigan infirmary. Her husband did not get it.

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 15:59

Posted by: tonker (23783) 

UK figures for last 49 weeks =

Total Tests carried out = 75,043,566

Total Positive Test Result = 3,959,784 (5.28% of total tests))

Total Deaths (within 28 days of a positive test) = 112,800
(2.8% of positive tests)
(0.15% of total tests)

Deaths in 2020 (10 months) = 77,723 (7702 per month)

Deaths in 2021 (2 months) = 35,075 (17,538 per month)

These are from government UK figures.

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 16:33


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