Who's .....

Started by: tonker (23087) 

.... Fooling Who?

Started: 20th Jan 2021 at 16:05

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (6597)

At about Noon today I went to Wigan Infurmary, and there just the one ambulance waiting outside of Hay & Hee

So from that doo I take it that Tonker is right

I then went down Coppull Lane to have a look at the Duggy, although it was running very high, it had not overtopped the dam, and from the road I could not see a lake forming behind the dam.

So from that I deduced that it was not actually raining heavily, and what me windscreen wipers were telling me was noting only a hoax

Replied: 20th Jan 2021 at 18:16

Posted by: tomplum (7136) 

Well my shed roof is not hoax proof, How do i stop the hoaxing from wetting my floor ???

you can't fool me with these hoax news reports

Replied: 20th Jan 2021 at 19:25

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (6597)

It could have been worse, yoo could have had a carpet down

Replied: 20th Jan 2021 at 21:23

Posted by: tomplum (7136) 

good point tommy 2 stokes, Our glasses are half full, let us keep safe from covid and pray for those who have it,

Replied: 20th Jan 2021 at 21:34

Posted by: tonker (23087) 

Two days before the Bolton News did that article, up there , The Manchester /Evening News Published This!

Replied: 22nd Jan 2021 at 18:43
Last edited by tonker: 22nd Jan 2021 at 18:47:13


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