Started by: jo anne (33512) 

Since it began back in 2006, there have been a great range of pics submitted by several different contributors, and I always enjoy seeing each new day’s photo.

Dave (Oy’s) recent run has been fantastic, for example:

5th Jan, 6th Jan, 8th Jan

How to Submit Pics (Brian, 2009):

If you have taken a good'un, please send it in. Simply email the photo (the bigger the better) to along with a title, brief description, make/model of camera and your name. I'll do the rest, thank you.

An Update (Brian, 2020):

If I get a surplus of Photo-a-Day submissions, I will add the photos to the new gallery so all photo contributions are used.

It’s worth a shot - I’ve even had a few pics appear!

Started: 8th Jan 2021 at 17:56
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Posted by: TerryW (6276)

I like todays Haigh Hall photo very dramatic.

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:14

Posted by: Domin0 (189)

I have put some on in the past J-anne but they had to be 1000 x1000 px and no bigger,

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:20

Posted by: jo anne (33512) 

Thanks, Domin0, I didn’t know that.

TerryW, today’s Haigh Hall pic is amazing.

Oy’s pics have even had some photographers despairing …

If we had a photo of the year competition for 2021 I suspect we'd be already looking at the winner.

Well that’s it, I’m putting my camera away, I’m giving up.
Seriously great photo. Looks like something from a film

But I like seeing the amateur photographs too - when I’ve been successful it’s made my day

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:27

Posted by: TerryW (6276)

Oy’s very good at his work.

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:36

Posted by: i-spy (15002) 

I was once told if you look long enough you'll find yourself pictured somewhere on WW. I've just discovered it's true

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:41

Posted by: TerryW (6276)

Really? How lucky.

Replied: 8th Jan 2021 at 18:48

Posted by: kathpressey (5265) 

I enjoy looking at them but gave up on submitting because of problem with sizing and I haven't bothered since.

Replied: 9th Jan 2021 at 09:27

Posted by: berylh (2071)

I love the pic of the day - first bit I go to when I come on here.

Replied: 9th Jan 2021 at 11:20

Posted by: DaveL (19)

I'm a bit puzzled by the mention of there being a limit to the size of image you can send in to P-a-D - as there isn't, in my experience. You send them full size to Brian, and he deals with them.
However - if you want to send an image to the Album - which you do directly from the upload facility on the site - there is a limit to the size of file you can send.

Replied: 10th Jan 2021 at 19:20


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