For any video buffs?

Started by: Anne (3869) 

Something I have been meaning to do for many years I have finally done.
I have super8 cine film stretching back to late fifties, I sent it all off (about 2000ft) to be digitised,. I knew full well it would be almost impossible to stretch it to today's wide screen viewing without distortion, hilariously funny on wide screen. Any suggestions video buffs, can tv screens be adjusted? not yet transferred anything to disc.
Another surprise was how little this 2000ft yielded in digital form, barely two hours and when edited probably less. I do have many still slides which I have also had digitised to be incorporated in any finished story.

Started: 29th Dec 2020 at 12:12

Posted by: peter g (2556) 

Anne try going to your TV screen settings while its running try 4:3 then try all the zoom settings you should find the solution there

Replied: 29th Dec 2020 at 13:31

Posted by: Anne (3869) 

peter g....thanks for the info, will try that once I have edited and a disc to use.
I have seen a friends disc used on tv with old cine film digitised, it filled the screen.

p.s. friend is the one I was wittering on about on a recent thread.

Replied: 29th Dec 2020 at 18:05


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