Big Garden Birdwatch

Started by: jo anne (33386) 

It’ll be on on the last weekend in January (Fri 29th - Sun 31st), but you can send for the free birdwatch guide now -

Started: 23rd Dec 2020 at 13:40

Posted by: PeterP (8306)

Too many cats around to scare off the birds. We see Starlings Blackbirds and Gulls Now and then we see Buzzards but that is it.

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 15:22

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3327) 

Those pesky cats and their horrid owners if they are not killing birds then they are *rapping in everybody else's garden ,i suppose they are ok stuffed but are a bloody pest .

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 16:11

Posted by: i-spy (14979) 

Giant pigeons pretending to be doves have taken over my garden.
And a flock of gulls if that's the right word.
Don't think any of um have even seen the sea.

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 18:26

Posted by: Medical Maverick (13)

Thanks for the link jo anne. I am a member of the RSPB, but even though I receive regular emails from them and information via Facebook I may have overlooked this one. I've not seen very much this year, though on my health walks I've surprisingly seen a lot of kingfishers and for the very first time too. I'll definitely send off for the guide and take part. I've just taken part in their small quiz to see what kind of garden bird I am - blackbird! LOL

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 20:37

Posted by: tonker (23046) 

I get lots of birds in my big garden, from tits to vultures!

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 20:48

Posted by: i-spy (14979) 

The tits are from Parr and the vultures from Denton's Green so I'm told.

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 21:16

Posted by: tonker (23046) 

I'd go the other way, i-spy. Nothing lasts 2 minutes in Parr !

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 21:53

Posted by: jo anne (33386) 

Medieval Maverick, I was excited to see a kingfisher yesterday along Wigan Flight - I’ve only spotted them half a dozen times in my life.

Submitted photos will be shown this week on Facebook / Twitter

Replied: 25th Jan 2021 at 11:52

Posted by: 0 years (4356)

Good shout Jo anne,

As RSPB members we'll be joining in.

We aren't an authority on our feathered friends but it's good to take an interest.

Replied: 26th Jan 2021 at 11:22
Last edited by 0 years: 26th Jan 2021 at 11:39:39

Posted by: tonker (23046) 

Be kind to your fine feathered friends,
'cos a duck may be somebody's mother,
who lives in the back of a swamp,
where the weather is cold and domp (to rhyme with swamp!).
You might think that this is the end,
but I'm going to prove you a liar,
'cos I'm going to sing it again,
only this time a liitle bit higher!

Replied: 26th Jan 2021 at 13:26


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