Happy Birthday ....

Started by: tonker (23077) 

Started: 19th Dec 2020 at 23:44

Posted by: dougie (4607) 

--- Got you in the wires with wife over this, just wait if she ever see's you it's her 80th Birthday today, I told her Tonker as sent a Birthday cake just for you

Replied: 20th Dec 2020 at 13:39

Posted by: tomplum (7130) 
Posted by: jo anne (33394) 

Hope your wife is enjoying her 80th, Dougie!

Replied: 20th Dec 2020 at 16:39

Posted by: dougie (4607) 

Took this photo to show the three daughters of a life long friend the flowers they sent to my wife, stressing must be delivered Sunday morning the 20th December or not at all, it's the biggest bunch I've seen

Thank you--- Julie, Sharon, and Michelle Winstanley thank you ever so much

Replied: 21st Dec 2020 at 16:48

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

You're a bloody cradle-snatcher, thee, Dougie!

Replied: 21st Dec 2020 at 16:56


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