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Started by: berylh (2036)

I recently bought stuff from Amazon and all today I keep getting pop ups saying I have won a new i phone - with all the scams about do I trust it before I open up the notification and possibly get hacked !!!

Started: 22nd Nov 2020 at 21:44

Posted by: tomplum (6968) 

play safe beryth, no one gives out for nowt, it might not be a scam but, it will be in their advantage, a new iphone would cost £1000+

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 21:50

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Thanks tom, that was my thinking but thought I would ask around in case anyone had had a similar message that was actually 'for real' Suppose I have given it a bit more credence because I had actually ordered stuff from Amazon only the other day. It will be interesting so see how long the messages will keep coming - they have been on and off all day

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 21:55

Posted by: tonker (22777) 

Go to Tesco's, you can get a 'free' i-phone off them and you don't even have to win it !

All you have to do is ......... "sign the contract"!

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 22:03

Posted by: berylh (2036)

tonker I have heard that Tesco's are quite good for phone contracts so when I next need a new one I think I shall give them a try, it's got to be a hell of a lot cheaper than pay as you go

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 22:07

Posted by: tonker (22777) 

I have an Asda "pay-as-you-go". It's an older i-phone 6. I think I've only put £10 on the bugger this year!

We also have one for business. That's a Tesco's contract. It's used much more than my own and it's about £10 a month (I think). (it started at £7.80 a month,but has gone up a bit)

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 23:09

Posted by: peter israel (1001) 

berylh get your computer cleaned for cookies

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 04:58

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Good idea peter as I have also noted a few problems of late. Also when on zoom the others on the meeting say that my laptop creates a high pitched squeal that I don't hear just them so have to sit on mute and use chat .... any suggestions on how I tackle this please?

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 08:27

Posted by: whups (5266) 

i would,nt buy a plug from tesco . their policy on goods especially on elecrtic goods is abysmal at best . even their own employees complain about it as they fob you off to a repair company after i month of their guarantee . the things they ask you to do will send you through the roof i can guarantee that as iv,e had the experience & will never buy any electric products again from tesco .

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 11:40

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Thanks whups, always good to hear another side on these things

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 11:56

Posted by: peter israel (1001) 

berylh what is your set up ??? do you wear ear phones

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 18:07

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Hi peter - no I don't wear earphones. I use my laptop and enter the zoom meeting from the link via email. It seems to be intermittant. I check that there is nothing close by like house and mobile phones, even gone as far as switching off the central heating ( I tend to do zoom from the kitchen) so try to cover all possibilities except can't dp anything about the fridge freezer switching itself on and off. Any help or other ideas would be most welcome as I am not very computer savvie! and I do have an important meeting tomorrow evening taking minutes so need to concentrate carefully.

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 18:42

Posted by: peter israel (1001) 

my wife who work on zoom a lot suggests you try wearing ear phones she has had the same problem and it worked for her

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 19:09

Posted by: firefox (3239)


Hope it helps

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 19:42

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Thank you peter and firefox - shall work on both those ideas/suggestions.
Watch this space

Replied: 23rd Nov 2020 at 21:25

Posted by: peter israel (1001) 

firefox exactly

Replied: 24th Nov 2020 at 04:09

Posted by: anniedingle (29)

I have also ordered from amazon and got that email and ignored it also I would like to know how you can complain to amazon about bad packageing has I can only see is was it good bad condition stars .

Replied: 25th Nov 2020 at 16:16

Posted by: cheshirecat (58) 

I avoid amazon at all costs.
In my opinion it is just a glorified pound shop.
Nothing wrong with pound shops. You pay a pound and you get a pounds worth. Sometimes

Replied: 25th Nov 2020 at 18:06
Last edited by cheshirecat: 25th Nov 2020 at 18:07:32

Posted by: berylh (2036)

Have to say that with Amazon it is usually only books for my kindle so not usually a problem. The interesting things was I ordered cartridges of prinking ink and initially it was for a 2 day delivery as I was right out, late in the day I had another look online fat ink cartridges on had a look at HP and ordered one - this was delivered next day. I then had a email from Amazon saying that they had amended the delivery date for early December, so even taking into consideration that some goods come from manufacturings (HP) a huge difference in delivery whenboth would be coming probably from same source ordering direct from HP was the sure winner.

Replied: 25th Nov 2020 at 18:25

Posted by: berylh (2036)

ps - going back to the point of posting in the first place, I had a long Zoom meeting yesterday evening and sound was good - hopefully (fingers crossed) problem resolved. Thank you all

Replied: 25th Nov 2020 at 18:29

Posted by: alan85 (112) 

Been buying from Amazon for over 5 years now, haven't ever had any problems. Yet again I suppose I am one of the lucky few.

Replied: 25th Nov 2020 at 23:03

Posted by: peter israel (1001) 

i buy a lot from Amazon UK and USA the reason is because the tax over here is so high and Monopolies rule the market so to pay a fair price you have to buy on line over seas and it only take about a week to get here and even with 10 to 20 pound delivery still cheaper and it's great to send gifts

Replied: 26th Nov 2020 at 08:06

Posted by: PeterP (8226)

Amazon waste a lot of extra packaging with their items. Even their advert on Tv shows a lad get a torch out of a box which could hold about 20 torches.

Replied: 26th Nov 2020 at 08:45


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