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Zoom presentation on Mon 14th Sep at 7pm:

The ‘Walking Horse’ and Early Railways in Winstanley, Orrell and Pemberton, 1770s - 1870s

Book Here -

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For anyone interested, the presentation is now on YouTube: LINK

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The Society needs our help in tracing a stained glass window & missing paintings originally found in Wigan Infirmary.

More info:

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A new YouTube presentation:

The Mystery of Standish Hall

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Mon 9th Nov at 7pm on Zoom

Historian Derek Winstanley will present: “Gerrard Winstanley, his family and the influence of Wigan”

Book a place here:

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Jo-anne: Great stuff.

Replied: 10th Nov 2020 at 18:45

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Yes, the Society are great, Jarvo

Gerrard Winstanley presentation also now available on - YouTube

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'Wigan' diggers?

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Zoom Talk on Mon 11th Jan
By Andy Lomax

Lives of the Eckersleys:
A Prominent Wigan Family

Links: / Facebook / @wiganlocalhist1

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Now on YouTube: The Eckersleys

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Why is it, that, if a member of a Wigan family leaves Wigan, sets themselves up in another town, marries and produce offspring and lead a socially successful life, they are still regarded as a 'Wigan' family?

When, any family member from another town, who move from their town to Wigan, and do the same, automatically become "a Wigan family", not recognising their family origin?

Im sure the Eckersleys originated from Bolton and spread to Hindley.

Replied: 13th Jan 2021 at 22:45

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Zoom Talk on Mon 8th Feb at 7pm

The History of Wigan Little Theatre
By Ron Hunt of Wiganworld

@WiganLocalHist1 (3rd Feb):

Photo - Martin Holden

Book here:

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The Walking Horse wasn't built in Wigan.
The father of the engineer who oversaw it's building was a partner in an engineering company.
Another company engineer, along with him, designed and built the first steam powered boat, whose maiden voyage was on the first man-made canal of the industrial era.
The engineer who oversaw the building of the Walking Horse continued operating the engineering company until his death.
Wigan, however, did come into it somewhere along the line. In a small way!

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Facebook post - 21st Feb:

New YouTube Link

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The Origins and History of Wigan Pier
By Derek Winstanley
Mon 8th March at 7pm - Fb

Book here - Link

Replied: 2nd Mar 2021 at 17:34

Posted by: tonker (23048) 

How many collieries has there ever been near to Wigan Pier? Eh.?

Replied: 2nd Mar 2021 at 18:33


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