Brave woman speaking the truth

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I'm not a follower of this drivel This Morning, but I came across this video by accident.

Everything that campaigner said was absolutely spot on. This is a human rights issue, and has the lady says our human rights are being taken away from us under the guise of this so called virus. I am tired of the excuses people are making for these rules. If the masks were that important then why werent they made mandatory back in March/April?. I asked this question to someone the other day and their reply was "because Boris Johnson and the government are just incompetent". Does anybody really believe that Boris Johnson is in charge of the country and is making the decisions?. He's just a puppet being told what to do and what to say.

We even have The World Health Organisation of all places actually saying that masks cause health issues, and there are a number of medical professionals saying the same, and at the same time they are saying that masks do nothing to stop the spread of a virus or germs. Yet, this is being forced on to us, and the reason why, in my opinion, is it's to make people comply. The more rues people accept then more it gets more ridiculous. Mask wearing can also have psychological effects and dehumanises us, we essentially become non people. Some secondary schools now are making it mandatory for pupils to wear masks, one school in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire is making masks mandatory from Sept.

I work as a carer for an Aspergers adult in the Wigan area, have been doing the work for nearly 12 years and it's been a thing I have loved doing. Now I have been told that I HAVE TO wear a face mask whilst with my client in shops and on public transport. I have refused to accept this nonsense and I have tried to persuade my employers to exempt me from wearing one as I feel it infringes my rights, but they, and other group, in the area, insist I wear one to safeguard my clients well being. I have mentioned medical professionals and organisations that state that masks cause health issues and that they dont stop the spread, but they don't want to listen or investigate what I'm saying. Even Boris Johnson, in a BBC report, was challenged on this issue by deputy chief officer Jenny Harries saying that masks are not good:

My girllfriend works in a nursing home and she doesn't need to wear a masks to care for the residents because she's been tested negative, and I assume my client will have been as well, so I don't know what the problem is. And also, this notion that the virus (if it exists, and I know lots of sane people, friends of my girlfriend, who think the virus eis nonsense) spreads more in closed spaces than outdoors is unsubstantiated, there's no evidence of that. And why close gyms but reopen cinemas, what's that all about?.

Unbeknownst to the general public, there are a lot of people speaking out who don't like what's being done to us, both mentally and physically, but don't go looking on the BBC news or daytime TV etc to hear them. Former BBC employee Anna Brees is one such person trying to get her voice heard, and her sister Claire Brees also. Also, Dr Vernon Coleman is doing a fantastic job with the videos he's putting on youtube.

A comment I just pulled from The Sun article:

"It's a behavioural experiment. If it was public health they would have said straight away you need to wear masks everywhere straight away. What's happened is they've said you need to wear them on public transport.... waited to see if we accept it.... now wear masks in shops.... wait a bit.... now takeaways.... next I am expecting masks in the street. They are even talking about gloves too. What next? The visor! They are seeing at what point we say enough is enough. Then the vaccine. They want to create a society where government jumps and everybody asks how high without even questioning why. This is when they've got control. When Boris was saying he wanted kids back to school in September or face fines I agreed with him but that was when I thought they'd stop treating children like walking germs and get rid of the nonsense. They've doubled down on it! Now I completely disagree with him. Parents should keep their kids out of school. Masks are dangerous."

I couldn't agree more.

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What a load of bollocks

A conspiratorial nutcase

Hey and guess what, I believe in UFO's and other weird phenomena, so it is not as though I am not opened minded, but that for me is a load of crap, and ask folk who have had Covid 19 if it was just like having the floo ...

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Tr listening to the videos instead of judging. How is he a conspiratorial nutcase?. I have spoken to people who know people who have Covid, but who says its a virus?. My mum passed away a few months ago and they put Covid on the death cert, even though she likely died of other causes. I've heard lots of reports of people who have lost loved ones from other causes and they have reported that they put Covid on the death certificate.

Instead judging from one video, do your own research and look up these things. There are lots of people I know who aren't conspiratorial matters, and they have openly said they think this virus is aload of bollox.

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I have done me own research, and it is that idiot who has made the video, it is he who should do some research before shouting his mouth off about stupid conspiracy theories, and the government is just trying to keep everyone safe, and they might keep changing their minds about things like face masks, but they are responding to how the thing is progressing and happening, when it started the way of thinking was that face masks did not work, and that was a worldwide opinion, and now they think that that wearing face masks might help, so OK the world has changed its mind, well have yoo ever changed your mind, any mon has a right to change his mind, and they are desperately trying to avoid a second wave of the virus, so good on the government for being hands on about it

And try asking someone who has been in the intensive care unit (ICU)
) in hospital with Covid 19 if they think that the virus does not exist ?

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Fauci tells us we should be wearing eye protection to as it can get in via the eyeballs. Will he advocate butt plugs too?
Wear Hazmat suits when venturing outside or be beaten to death by the sheeple?

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Wot have sheep got too doo with it ????

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It’s a confusing and debatable issue.
I don’t agree with sentiments of ashtonman, but everybody is entitled to their opinions and I’m not saying I am right or he is right.
The Government did nothing earlier simply because this is a unique situation, how do you cope with a pandemic from an unknown strain of virus.
I’m a great believer in doing something rather than nothing.
The masks are intended to stop the wearer passing the virus to other people, but have a degree of protection from other people passing germs on to you.
I feel more confident when I’m wearing my mask and will continue to carry on wearing them.
In Wigan town centre yesterday there was a very high percentage of people wearing masks, so well done to Wiggin folk.
I think calling this a human rights issue is a little paranoid and would urge Wigan Worlders to wear face protection in the appropriate situation.

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Went to Southport last friday .Packed like sardines in a tin.Half wearing masks .people sat all down the walkways

Replied: 2nd Aug 2020 at 10:42

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Reeled In. The lot of you!

Replied: 2nd Aug 2020 at 11:02


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