A49 Cycle Path

Started by: FAT MICK (1385) 

Its great, very smooth and easy on the bum.


Started: 8th Jul 2020 at 06:29

Posted by: FAT MICK (1385) 

Looks like not to many of the dozy downloading Wiganers are not interested in this historical cycle ride on the new A49 link road.
Maybe if I do one in a car that might that might wake them up.

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 16:37

Posted by: Brasstoff (59)

You managed to get up to 21mph there Mick!

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 17:15

Posted by: berylh (1934)

For a minute there I thought you were in Milton Keynes Mick

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 20:57

Posted by: baker boy (15451)

why put a cycle lane on what will become and extremely busy road when fully completed.

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 21:17

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (5070)

baker boy

Yoo have not watched the video have yoo

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 21:18

Posted by: tomplum (6365) 

Bakerboy, nobody is using the road because its far longer than going down Poolstock lane, So now, they have reduced the traffic lights going into Poolstock lane at Marus Bridge from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, this is causing tailbacks up Warrington Road and the clowncil are hoping it will entice the impatient motorist to use the new road instead of Poolstock Lane, If it does not, they will close Poolstock lane by using bollards at some point, Typical Wigan clowncil, build it, alter it, try it again, alter it again,

they should call the Wigan highways team.....

the alter boys,

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 21:41

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (5070)


Nobody is using it because it is quiet, which is sumat to doo with that covid thing, and yes the Poolstock route is shorter, so folk will go down that way, but what happens when it is not quiet, because Poolstock, Newtown, Wallgate etc the traffic is {{{EVIL}}} when it is busy, but yippee yoo don't have to go through that now

So about the Marus Bridge traffic light timings, for the Poolstock Lane right turn

So how many of yoo folk, like me have been stuck at those lights going the other way, when the lights for turning right into Poolstock Lane are showing green, but there is no traffic turning into Poolstock Lane, and you are sat there waiting for the bloody lights to change ....

So it is the old is your cup half full or is it half empty approach, 10 seconds less for turning right into Poolstock Lane, is 10 seconds more for the lights on green for Warrington Road going south towards the motorway

Replied: 9th Jul 2020 at 07:34


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