MICHAEL BITHELL information required

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Just received this email has anyone any information about this man?

Hi Ron

I am an old friend of Micheal Bithell
He sadly passed away a little while away and the Police where unable to trace his relatives
So another friend Helen took responsibility for arranging the funeral and today I came down from North London to assist her with clearing Michaels flat
I have previously been an Investigator and a Certificated Bailiff used to following paper trails and finding Missing people
Despite Knowing Micheal for Many Many years he always kept his ‘ Wigan ‘ roots something of a Mystery
He was estranged from his family due various conflicts, he also used several different names and even dates of birth which confused things even more
It is however only right that his family and relatives know of his passing whatever their relationship
He did travel to Wigan with great expectations at Xmas 2018 to stay with his Mother although on his return it appears things had Not gone very well which upset him greatly
I was and am Not satisfied that Essex Police have Closed the case as ‘No Known Relatives or Living Next of Kin ‘
After Helen got the keys to his flat from the Police she went there a couple of times but like them had No further luck in finding any Clues
I went there today and did a very thorough search and found a Cache of hidden documents in a piece of furniture that No realised opened and contained personal papers

Here is what We know from our own Collective Memories of things he told various of us over the years
I have reason to believe that his family have been discussed on your website so it may be that We can be put in contact with his family to notify them of his passing and We also have or own photographs of Micheal which they may like to have copies things like his passport etc
He lived at
Flat 69
Sutton Rd
Southend on Sea
He was 59 I believe although there are several different dates of birth
He used the name
Micheal Bithell
Micheal Corris
He was born in Wigan
He had a sister who apparently was a Police Officer possibly a Sergeant in rank
The Essex Police drew a blank with this line of inquiry which surprised us as Micheal seemed proud of her achievements
However My brother Richard was working with Micheal in Germany many years ago and clearly remembers Micheal going to visit his sister on an Army base there
I have suggested that she may have been a Military Police Officer in that case which could be why Essex Police drew a blank in their search via Wigan Police ??
We believe he may have had a brother possibly called Steven but this is a 50 percent at best recollection of a single friend said he just had a Vague recollection of him saying this, So it could just be a ‘ Red Herring as Such
The main breakthrough came today when I found a 2017 copy of a Marriage Certificate Micheal had ordered of :
Ronald Bithell
Who Married
a June Howarth
Of Petticoat Lane Wigan
Via Google searches it has brought to here where people have Mentioned a Mrs Bithell’s shop in Petticoat Lane
I am quite reasonably sure there in lies our biggest possible connection to finding his Mother at least
I think We worked out Ronald Bithell would now be approximately 83
He was 23 in 1961 when they got Married
I understand that the Marriage subsequently failed, he Never as far as I know Mentioned his father to anyone, his only family that he’s spoke of was his Mother / Sister / and possibly a brother
Whether she remarried and then adopted a new surname, so Howarth to Bithell either returning to Possibly Howarth or Maybe this is where and this is a Wildcard guess possibly
June Corris as he used this Surname and We have No idea where it could of come from only the possibility of his mother remarrying and becoming Corris
I understand she was quite ‘ Well to do ‘ and possibly moved to a former Mining Village near the Sea somewhere near Wigan
Again this is ‘ Collective Memories of several different people from many Conversation with Micheal over many years and May Not actually be Factual but could maybe provide a clue to some one that knows the local topography and geography or of a Sea side former Mining being Upscaled possibly to something more residentially appealing ...

As I say We have some of his personal effects and his ashes I believe have yet to be Scattered
Essex Police also have his Mobile telephone which may or may not contain personal photos etc
If You or Your readers / members could put us in Contact with any family member it would be great Ley appreciated as I think it is only right and proper that they know that he has passed and the details of this
Helen is the friend and the person who nominated herself to arrange a Private Funeral and Notified the Registrar of his passing and is administering his Estate as such and will have his Death Certificate etc
Thank You in Advance
Steve Davis

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Posted by: FAT MICK (1397) 

Only Bithells I know in Wigan are the recyclers

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 11:24

Posted by: mortarmillbill (557)

Very interesting story and lots of information so surely someone local should have some information to help with the search.

Admin - I know they this has been made a sticky but is there no way that it could become more prominent and picked up by everyone as they log on?

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 11:35

Posted by: linma (2597)

There was a family named Bithell lived on Walthew Lane Platt Bridge.

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 13:14

Posted by: JAMB (26)

Looking through the births and marriages, there is the following, Ronald Bithell married June Howarth 1961 Wigan , they had one child Micael Bithell born 1962, June Bithell married Keith Corris 1968 Ince, they had two children Keith Philip Corris 1968, and Allison Claire Corris born 1970, June possibly married for a third time to Peter McNab about 1981

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 14:34

Posted by: admin (754)

could that be the Peter McNab fro Greenough street?

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 15:17

Posted by: JAMB (26)

Don't know but looking through birth records I think he may have been born in Southport in 1946 and that might be were the info of the sea side came in, I think they are now in Aspull or were there??2006 .Just checked a Little further and I think That both Allison and Keith Corris went under the name of McNab.and yes I do believe it is the Peter from. Greenough St.??

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 15:30
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I remember the shop in petticoat lane mrs bithell had three children Peter Valerie and eric, Ronnie bithell also lived in petticoat lane a few doors away,Valerie married John Walsh who has far as i know still lives in the house which was the former shop, sadly valerie passed away as did eric but dont know about peter.

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 16:56

Posted by: Billinge Biker (341)

Walter Mitty any relation ?

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 19:27

Posted by: fred mason (2828) 

Not sure if this will help.

Michael Bithell lived a few doors from us at 68 Helvellyn Rd, Norley Hall, Wigan. He was a couple of years older than me (I am 74), he was in the Royal Navy, Medical Dept in 1963. His brother was Ralph and his father was a barber. That about all I remember, so if this is the correct person, good luck.

Replied: 7th Jul 2020 at 20:34

Posted by: JAMB (26)

Possible second marriage for Ronald Bithell 1980 to Jean Kocot formerly Hart last address Battersby St. Ince

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Posted by: geraldine long (91)

Possible Marriages:-
Alison C McNab and Iain Cox July 1991 Wigan

Keith P Mc Nab and Adele Parr December1988 Wigan

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 09:16

Posted by: winnie (1295) 

Name: Mrs June McNab
Residence Date: 2003-2006
Address: 6, Gerrards Close, Aspull, WN2 2SU
Residence Place: Wigan, Lancashire, England

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 20:10

Posted by: winnie (1295) 

Name: Michael Bithell
Registration Date: Oct 1962
[Nov 1962]
[Dec 1962]
Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
Registration district: Ince
Inferred County: Lancashire
Mother's Maiden Name: Howarth

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 20:23

Posted by: winnie (1295) 

Name: Ronald Bithell
Registration Date: Jan 1938
[Feb 1938]
[Mar 1938]
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration district: Ince
Inferred County: Lancashire
Mother's Maiden Name: Daniels

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 21:38

Posted by: winnie (1295) 

Name: Mr Ronald Bithell
Residence Date: 2003-2003
Address: 56, Battersby Street, Ince, WN2 2NB
Residence Place: Wigan, Lancashire, England

Replied: 8th Jul 2020 at 21:41


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