Friday April 24th at 7pm UK time, don't forget

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i need to change my glasses

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Thanks, Peter, I’d not heard of this one.

Love Never Dies - The 2010 sequel to The Phantom of the Opera (Wiki)
Lyricist Glenn Slater said Lloyd Webber "didn’t view it as a sequel as much as 'a second story with these characters'”

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i have also not heard of this jo anne but if it is anything like last week it's going to be great

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This weekend - available till 7pm on Sunday 3rd May - YouTube Link

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Royal Albert Hall Celebration

Track List:

Whistle Down The Wind ~ Any Dream Will Do ~ Close Every Door ~ Variations ~ Requiem For Evita ~ Oh What a Circus ~ High Flying Adored - Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ~ There’s A Light At The End of The Tunnel ~ Hosanna ~ Pie Jesu ~ Superstar ~ Gethsemane ~ The Phantom Of The Opera ~ All I Ask Of You ~ Music Of The Night ~ Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts ~ No Matter What ~ The Vaults Of Heaven ~ Once Upon A Time ~ With One Look ~ As If We Never Said Goodbye ~ Love Changes Everything ~ Memory ~ The Heart Is Slow To Learn ~ Whistle Down The Wind ~ The Jellicle Ball

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This weekend it’s By Jeeves, available till 7pm on Sun 10th May - YouTube Link

By Jeeves is the musical comedy by Alan Ayckbourn and Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the characters of P.G. Woodhouse. (More info)

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From 7pm on Fri 15th May till 7pm on Sat 16th May - YouTube Link

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The Sound of Music
From 7pm on Fri 22nd May till 7pm on Sun 24th May - YouTube Link

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Hairspray Live!
From 7pm on Fri 29th May till 7pm on Sun 31st May - YouTube Link

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It’s back, and this weekend it’s Peter Pan Live!

Available from 7pm, Fri 19th June till 7pm, Sun 21st June - Link

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I can do with less of these teenagers catawalling, if these theaters want to promote there places why not put on a proper plays with proper trained actors.

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It’s The Sound of Music Live! this weekend - Link

This looks interesting, too!

Southport International Short FilmFest - Online
5pm, Fri 26th Jun – 10pm, Sun 28th Jun

92 quality international short films for £5 - Ticket Link

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Also online this Friday from 7.30pm:

Free but donations welcome - Link

Replied: 9th Jul 2020 at 17:17


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