Fustian Tax 1783 repelled

Started by: christi (206)

Another one from "On this day" What the heck was Fustian Tax !

Started: 17th Jan 2007 at 22:38

Posted by: empress (9667) 

summat to do with cloth n weaving I think..........I googled it hehehe

Replied: 17th Jan 2007 at 23:17

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)


Replied: 18th Jan 2007 at 00:13

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

I remember learning something about this at college. Fustian is a mixture of cotton and linen ( i googled that too, just like empress).I think christi means 'repealed' which is to 'revoke', so it must have been some sort of reversal of law.

Replied: 18th Jan 2007 at 09:36

Posted by: aussie roy (2574) 

I have also Googled it and under the heading of "Bolton Bleachers and the Tax on Cotton Goods" is an interesting little piece.

Replied: 18th Jan 2007 at 09:53


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