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Ah's geet a moggy ! ....
...... Las' neet. ah sin a moggy i' t'garrij, an' it run it under t'freezer. Ah thowt, a...
tonker 8 342 3rd Jan 2021, 21:56
Wigan's new theatre ?
Who should top the bill on the opening night ?
i-spy 38 551 3rd Jan 2021, 15:23
UFO's: Tonker & Tom
Now your two can carry on tekin't wee, and havin a laugh about it ........ But I am tel...
Tommy Two Stroke 26 648 3rd Jan 2021, 14:54
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Tommy Two Stroke 36 734 3rd Jan 2021, 14:05
Tommy Two Stroke
Wiganworld Honours List...
Due to the 'virus' (I won't get familiar with it) the list is slightly truncated this year...
jarvo 40 910 3rd Jan 2021, 12:26
basil brush
It is ironic isn't it, how things can turn around, and the opposite becomes true Ooo...
Tommy Two Stroke 23 628 3rd Jan 2021, 12:12
Tommy Two Stroke
Funny we haven't heard or seen (Herr-Lip) Burnham on the TV of late... Is it something to ...
Billinge Biker 17 649 3rd Jan 2021, 11:49
basil brush
basil brush 9 419 3rd Jan 2021, 11:34
basil brush
Lorraine Kelly ......
...... opened her presents on Christmas morning. She was pleased that someone had bought...
tonker 2 274 2nd Jan 2021, 20:38
Hope all
The decent posters had a good NYE, a bit strange but did get to see the family, here's wis...
basil brush 24 841 2nd Jan 2021, 18:35
Snowy Park
in Wigan [url= ]Link
FAT MICK 3 319 2nd Jan 2021, 17:24
if anyone is detoxing this New year
My special lines for detoxing includes low calorie meat pies , sausage rolls , frozen chi...
Arfur petesake 8 251 2nd Jan 2021, 15:37
jo anne
A Flying Saucer ......
........ Shuttlecock Shaped !
tonker 4 244 2nd Jan 2021, 15:34
Having just read a snippet about ( the deal) I am disgusted to learn that under the fishi...
GOLDEN BEAR 6 391 2nd Jan 2021, 15:15
Does anyone know this man? last known address somewhere Balcarres Avenue. Whelley.
admin 1 280 2nd Jan 2021, 14:03
laughing gravy
Unpaid Carers
Zoom Call, Thursday 11th June, 7pm - 8pm Wigan Council ([url=
jo anne 44 1,257 2nd Jan 2021, 13:58
jo anne
Census 2021
The once in a decade census will be held this year. It will be on the 21st March 2021.
mortarmillbill 4 279 2nd Jan 2021, 12:28
Corned beef
Minced beef or lean steak in your hot pot, crust or no crust, with beetroot or red cabbage...
basil brush 32 715 2nd Jan 2021, 12:10
Tommy Two Stroke
The REAL Wigan .....
...... forget your council, this is the 'town' called Wigan. Who lives in a town like t...
tonker 2 294 2nd Jan 2021, 00:33
Happy New Brexit ! .....
""] "Ve Haff 66,000,000 of Ze Lifebelts for Long L...
tonker 7 340 1st Jan 2021, 19:17
laughing gravy
Is it as serious as it's made out to be?
Well, weigh it up yourself, using these figures ..... Office of National Statistics,...
tonker 32 973 1st Jan 2021, 18:35
As I was twice voted musician of the year
I think its time pay the voters back with a few tunes, This first one is called on me own...
tomplum 22 279 31st Dec 2020, 23:29
road salters
I nearly got knocked off my bike today by a council salt spraying wagon, I waved my fist ...
tomplum 20 496 31st Dec 2020, 21:50
New year's Eve
What you all doing then.?
i-spy 16 381 31st Dec 2020, 21:50
A Nice 'Thank You' Letter .....
tonker 22 668 31st Dec 2020, 21:43
look back through the year
10 Points to Ponder as 2020 draws to a close ...???????????? 1. A 2020 planner turned o...
tomplum 10 303 31st Dec 2020, 20:34
peter israel
The Ayes have it
Boris's Brexit Deal has just been approved by 521 votes to 73 votes. It now goes to the P...
mortarmillbill 10 355 31st Dec 2020, 19:36
New Year Honours 2021
Well it looks like I've been overlooked AGAIN
basil brush 20 371 31st Dec 2020, 18:19
basil brush
Who is
The person most put on the ignore list on WW?
firefox 19 1,689 31st Dec 2020, 15:03
paper boys aint what they used to be
My paperboys did't turn up this morning, I had text messages blaming the snow, one saying ...
Arfur petesake 17 617 31st Dec 2020, 13:27
I read the other day that china expects to overtake America in the next few years as the w...
GOLDEN BEAR 14 539 31st Dec 2020, 13:20
basil brush
Tier 4 and shopkeeers
I had a phone call this morning from Boris Johnson, he has allowed me to continue trading ...
Arfur petesake 1 197 31st Dec 2020, 13:08
Wigan in Tier 4
Wigan will be in Tier 4 from midnight tonight
Tommy Two Stroke 22 791 31st Dec 2020, 10:24
The Mist
It had everybody driving at about 20mph today. But who remembers proper, horrible, choking...
i-spy 8 331 30th Dec 2020, 20:13
First Footing
The first-footer must be out of the house before the clock strikes midnight, then cross th...
TerryW 6 241 30th Dec 2020, 18:05
what film always makes you cry?
when steve martin goes looking for john candy at the end of planes trains and automobiles ...
laughing gravy 18 413 30th Dec 2020, 15:49
snow bike
Today I'm trying out my snow bike, I'ts a monster and rides along the snow like a duck on ...
tomplum 25 707 30th Dec 2020, 13:00
basil brush
Downall Green churchyard
As some may know I'm a supporter of the volunteers and the work they do, well someone took...
dougie 3 202 30th Dec 2020, 10:45
It's Snowed Here !
tonker 5 547 30th Dec 2020, 08:48
An Old Mate of Firefox's ....
.... [url=""]Interviewed !
tonker 6 320 29th Dec 2020, 23:58