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Lord Peter Smith has Died
Lord Peter Smith has died, he was leader of Wigan Council for many years, R.I.P. Peter ...
Tommy Two Stroke 21 810 5th Aug 2021, 08:36
basil brush
Covid Jabs
Can I have two free costa coffees and a free ride to the cinema which also is free. Then w...
PeterP 14 628 4th Aug 2021, 22:11
I've just been told...
There's a little Chihuahua running loose on Woodhouse Lane..poor little thing.
momac - 236 4th Aug 2021, 10:59
Lord Smith
basil brush 1 314 4th Aug 2021, 08:40
basil brush
Has any one got any respect for the police any moreBecause they are not getting a pay rise...
PeterP 28 862 2nd Aug 2021, 18:03
basil brush
sacked for having an opinion,i hope labour voters remember this at the next election,,http...
tommy39 23 1,132 1st Aug 2021, 19:57
prince andrew
Hi does anyone on here think prince andrew will go to jailwith his alledged misdemeaners....
r.fisher 3 405 1st Aug 2021, 18:20
Is WW becoming an outlet for them? [url="
Stardelta 26 843 1st Aug 2021, 11:14
basil brush
EU getting tough on unvaccinated.
Excerpt from an article in today’s Telegraph. Europeans have watched the slapstick sp...
gaffer 24 943 31st Jul 2021, 14:15
Tommy Two Stroke
Tents in the field up haigh
Does anyone know what all the tents are for in the field up high ?
Handsomeminer 9 932 31st Jul 2021, 14:10
Tommy Two Stroke
I see yet again our shores are being invaded by the scum of europe . They flooded ashore a...
GOLDEN BEAR 113 1,973 29th Jul 2021, 23:37
Is wearing a Hiab a form of Rascisam.
albion 9 593 28th Jul 2021, 21:17
Librarian in bother.
gaffer 27 1,147 26th Jul 2021, 23:50
Just been given some information that the MARKET HOTEL will be demolished under this re d...
admin 22 1,227 26th Jul 2021, 19:29
There is
uproar about this
basil brush 16 742 26th Jul 2021, 01:01
free mcds
Bryan got a part time job at mcds. well the local one hasnt opened. He has done burgers an...
madamehmurray - 274 26th Jul 2021, 01:00
Haigh Woodland Wanderer
Friends of Haigh Woodland Park: The Haigh Woodland Wanderer is coming! Check out our ...
jo anne 3 316 25th Jul 2021, 22:57
Arfur petesake
What is happening with the Tv at the momentRetuned Tv 3 times in the last few days and som...
PeterP 2 371 25th Jul 2021, 19:54
Tudor House - Under Threat
It seems that the row of houses and the Tudor House Pub are under threat of demolition, we...
Tommy Two Stroke 9 516 25th Jul 2021, 18:51
BBC shows
Why is the BBC so obsessed with daily shows where presenters are sat on sofas…or present...
roylew 13 703 25th Jul 2021, 00:29
Parking near Earlestown Station
I'm off for an overnight stay in Chester next week. which due to Covid is 18 months overdu...
admin 32 776 24th Jul 2021, 21:27
supermarket staff
Morrisons followed by Tesco to trial stores with no staffWho restacks the shelves/freezers...
PeterP 10 632 24th Jul 2021, 16:29
I thought when this new Wigan World came it was supposed to be easy to submit pics How is ...
peter g 13 544 24th Jul 2021, 15:44
Should Eckersley’s mills follow suit?
gaffer 7 295 24th Jul 2021, 15:21
Gardens to Visit
Sunday 25th July, 11am - 4pm Wigan & Leigh Hospice Kildare Street, Wigan. WN2 3HZ h...
jo anne 2 208 24th Jul 2021, 11:01
jo anne
I would like to inform the residents of the borough that should they ever want to order a ...
GOLDEN BEAR 22 821 24th Jul 2021, 10:17
Congestion Charge
But it is being re-named Clean Air Zone. Bolton is putting up 76 + ANPR cameras which fro...
Platty 4 423 23rd Jul 2021, 15:57
Just a quickie Broady if its alright i would like to ask where in the world are you i have...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 495 22nd Jul 2021, 21:06
Face masks
So public transport managed by city mayors and airlines are going to insist on masks being...
the-eagle 44 1,266 22nd Jul 2021, 13:02
Tommy Two Stroke
Volantary work
Being done at Holy Trinity Church at Downall Green, I've put on before about Kevin Duffy's...
dougie 106 3,281 22nd Jul 2021, 12:09
Wigan overtakes Oldham to top of Covid table.
gaffer 17 603 22nd Jul 2021, 10:22
basil brush
blonde girl joke,
two blonde girls and one says to the other, " which is further, the moon or Florida ?" the...
tomplum 2 429 22nd Jul 2021, 10:03
New Apple iPad Air 264
Approx one and half hours ago I opened a new Apple iPad Air as my old one had given up the...
Anne 5 366 21st Jul 2021, 21:42
Rugby League Rule?
When a team gets a free kick, and kick for touch Is there a rule that says they can only k...
admin 14 647 21st Jul 2021, 14:49
peter g
Protest the Demolition of Wigan Market / Galleries
This Friday - 16th July - meeting 11am near the old Morrison’s & market hall entrances...
jo anne 12 801 18th Jul 2021, 09:39
jo anne
Back in my Victor Meldrew mode... Just read in the Mail that the police have been trying ...
admin 4 565 17th Jul 2021, 22:34
Tommy Two Stroke
I see yet again the EU are demanding a final leaving payment ,orchestrated by no less than...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 481 17th Jul 2021, 22:01
Mondays with Milly Podcast (the Bush Inn)
Hello All. Phill from Melbourne, Australia here. I’m and avid fan of history and prod...
phillcristofaro 20 1,284 17th Jul 2021, 20:11
jo anne
Fretwell is back!
And about time too. After a fourteen year break Stephen Fretwell finally launched his ...
Don GB - 302 17th Jul 2021, 18:28
Don GB
Covid Cases ......
..... restricting travel UK to Spain? Catalonia, last week, had Spain's highest incide...
tonker 22 915 17th Jul 2021, 08:22
peter israel