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Queen St, Pemberton
Hi all, just asking if anyone would have or would know where i can get a photo of old Quee...
laineyloo 2 1,607 25th Jan 2018, 08:34
What has this building been since built
Can any one help with the history of 769a Ormskirk rd pemberton , we have the shop now ,...
evian12345 4 1,454 21st Jan 2018, 22:09
Ben Johnson
It’s being boarded up as I write
roylew 2 1,338 10th Jan 2018, 16:29
New shop Standishgate .
Groceries and other food Looks nice .
ann-spam 7 1,550 10th Jan 2018, 16:27
peter g
Interesting Wigan nostalgia book
The other day a relative bought a small book from the post office; can't remember exact ti...
ashtonman01 9 2,289 8th Jan 2018, 10:46
Poundstretcher at Robin Retail park
closes in january
ann-spam 9 1,773 7th Jan 2018, 00:01
there was a person talking about their mothe when she used to work at ,,,was it john roby,...
elizabeth 1 1,184 6th Jan 2018, 15:04
Irene Wyatt (Stationery )John England’s 1960s
Nostalgia makes me seek to connect with old work colleagues It was a nondescript job th...
kameras 4 1,592 1st Jan 2018, 13:50
Trawlerman chippy woodhouse lane
under new management from wednesday .
ann-spam 2 1,424 27th Dec 2017, 14:34
Interesting (and tare?) Wigan film from 1979
Just discovered this piece of film footage on youtube showing GMT buses in Wigan dated 197...
ashtonman01 5 1,728 22nd Dec 2017, 20:38
Room at the top
Anyone remember, Ken Baldwin a pro wrestler ran th joint. great times there. Such great m...
aussie94 18 3,645 13th Dec 2017, 15:37
Last Orders in Standish
Anybody know Why it suddenly Closed.""]"http://www...
cindy 21 5,485 5th Dec 2017, 14:43
Gennell Style, Hindley
Does anyone remember it? It was off Castle Hill Road, was it a street or a passage? Did i...
dave© 4 1,718 27th Nov 2017, 19:49
A fascinating YouTube video
whacker 4 1,732 24th Nov 2017, 15:53
The Springfield
There's not much parking room is there
i-spy 1 1,431 15th Nov 2017, 20:54
turning the clock back
anybody know why the Silver Tally at Almond Brook has reverted to its old name The Foreste...
i-spy 2 1,361 15th Nov 2017, 20:10
stocks in fleet street pemberton
as anyone got photos showing the stocks, before kfc was built,early 60s, there was the sto...
builder09 3 1,880 10th Nov 2017, 17:05
tommy c
Thames Restaurant - Scot Lane
sorry if this has already been put on here - (first time poster) but drove past the Thames...
Verlaine 1 1,363 4th Nov 2017, 14:34
Was Ritz cinema haunted?
I heard a story yesterday from a colleague that the Ritz or the Dancing School was haunted...
ashtonman01 13 2,644 26th Oct 2017, 15:34
laughing gravy
when living in Billinge Road as a child in the 50s we would often go out the back and clim...
kathpressey 20 2,292 9th Oct 2017, 13:24
Melias of Hindley
There is a shop at the top of Market St. in Hindley and they have removed the boards at th...
peter g 15 1,853 9th Oct 2017, 13:09
Farrimonds Chippy Standish
An Planning application gone in to turn This chippy into residential property.
cindy 34 4,791 30th Sep 2017, 19:57
John Leyland library, Hindley souvenir
Just noticed this on ebay, but be quick if you're interested!
dave© 1 1,217 30th Sep 2017, 12:27
Rose Bridge
Who went in the 90's and 00's? :)
bridger 1 1,379 24th Sep 2017, 13:53
Sound of the Crickets
Does anyone from the Bickershaw/Hindley Green area remember the sound of the [url=http://t...
dave© 4 1,534 28th Aug 2017, 23:30
Haigh Hall
What a great place for a day out now with the kids , Some major investment and improvement...
gazzer 5 1,632 27th Aug 2017, 11:30
baker boy
Golborne North Station
I know this isn't strictly about Wigan as such, but does anyone remember Golborne North ra...
ashtonman01 6 1,365 21st Aug 2017, 22:27
Poolstock 1952 to 1972
I was born in Poolstock in 1952, moving to Worsley Mesnes in 1972 due to the "slum clearan...
gasmon 111 15,788 18th Aug 2017, 21:11
Paid a visit this morning talk about noisy, the parade was travelling up Standishgate. Th...
linma 3 1,802 14th Aug 2017, 10:23
Latham road orrell
Whilst researching family history I have come across Latham road orrell in certain registe...
annieley 8 1,692 30th Jul 2017, 21:37
PEMBERTON 1650 TO 1700
I am after some general information on how populated Pemberton would be on the late 1...
hilly 8 1,991 30th Jul 2017, 21:26
142 Wallgate 1875
Does anyone have any info about this place at that time? I have a burial record showing a...
macwil48 14 1,986 26th Jul 2017, 15:45
Pit shafts Foster's Field Ince
Terry Almond's pics on Album of a capped shaft on Foster's Field leads me to ask if anyone...
flaggy delf 24 3,729 5th Jul 2017, 14:28
Does anyone know the name of the bricked pit shaft adjacent to top lock.Did it belong to W...
Aus65 3 1,466 2nd Jul 2017, 20:28
chris southworth
Bryn Gates Terrace
In the 1871 census my Great grandparents are shown as living at Bryn Gates Terrace Ashto...
kenee 14 1,998 6th Jun 2017, 22:29
Leigh railway station
Can anyone tell Me where Leigh railway station was, I remember a railway bridge on the roa...
cindy 24 2,155 9th May 2017, 23:17
baker boy
Saica Pack
Does/did anyone work there?
Pennywise 11 1,710 9th May 2017, 08:07
Hindley station 1960s?
Came across this photo on eBay labeled as Hindley railway station:
ashtonman01 13 1,780 8th May 2017, 12:24
baker boy
lost grave
Some time ago I posted about the search for my grandfather's grave at St John's in Pembert...
kathpressey 7 1,919 30th Apr 2017, 09:08
Lankykats. Music night.
Deleted, Wrong messageboard
1934granadascruggs 2 1,766 3rd Apr 2017, 20:56