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End of the world
Lidl had no mushy peas today. Its got to be an omen
i-spy 21 453 20th Dec 2020, 13:22
jo anne
I went to their Christmas bash last light and I'll tell thee what, those guys really kn...
tomplum 1 206 20th Dec 2020, 12:50
A Christmas Greeting ....
.... [url=""]For YOU!
tonker 4 187 20th Dec 2020, 10:42
"Have you had anything to drink"?
[url=""]No, Officer!
tonker - 109 19th Dec 2020, 23:39
I was pike fishing on the lanky canal this morning when a frog hopped along the canal bank...
sonlyme 17 391 19th Dec 2020, 22:23
It was very nice seeing you the other day. I shall stop and introduce myself properly next...
TerryW 24 604 19th Dec 2020, 19:10
jo anne
Another condescending, patronizing, woman to rival Lorraine Kelly. Just seen an advert for...
admin 12 461 19th Dec 2020, 18:28
Chief Constable of Manchester 'Sacked'
He's been fired, given the boot, kicked down road, terminated. he has been resigned from h...
Tommy Two Stroke 35 705 19th Dec 2020, 17:36
Chewy Woman
Can anybody tell me if it's true that Chewbaxter has become a woman, I have been on his we...
Tommy Two Stroke 3 216 19th Dec 2020, 17:00
Tommy Two Stroke
You've got to laugh
Just been reading some observations on life from famous and not so famous folk. These mad...
i-spy 19 1,423 19th Dec 2020, 16:07
Christmas 2020
Some traditional events will be going digital this year - as Wigan Rotary says, we have to...
jo anne 29 813 19th Dec 2020, 15:36
geraldine long
great news for me.
But not so good for people Using Poolstock Lane, We've all had a letter from the Major Pr...
tomplum 4 281 19th Dec 2020, 13:27
Tommy Two Stroke
Who cheats
On making the traditional Xmas turkey and trimmings meal. Veg prepared weeks ago, roast sp...
i-spy 16 312 18th Dec 2020, 23:16
peter israel 5 241 18th Dec 2020, 21:38
Take them long...........did it [url=
basil brush 1 236 18th Dec 2020, 17:51
jo anne
Hello sailor
I'm thinking of going to live on a narrowboat when circumstances permit. Anyone got exper...
i-spy 22 458 18th Dec 2020, 11:09
peter g
Sunday Morning
Gently roll down from the Top Lock to Wigan Pier The Kirklees pub at the beginning is n...
FAT MICK 15 1,065 17th Dec 2020, 20:44
Lint chocolate tins
firefox 4 154 17th Dec 2020, 20:38
has anyone seen the comment today about ( BRITISH STEEL ) PLANTS MUST USE UK COAL . At the...
GOLDEN BEAR 55 1,306 17th Dec 2020, 16:43
Let's hope
It happens this time [url=
basil brush 20 586 17th Dec 2020, 15:46
Tommy Two Stroke
Is anyone really interested in their opinions or lives? They have turned their back on the...
broady 76 2,441 17th Dec 2020, 08:34
Whacker you claimed TRUMP would win!
laughing gravy 20 819 16th Dec 2020, 23:05
laughing gravy
arfur's corner shop
I've bought a corner shop and selling all sorts of stuff, fork handles , oops and everythi...
Arfur petesake 57 950 16th Dec 2020, 22:20
Tommy Two Stroke
Wigan world jokers
Used to be a laugh a minute on here.Where did the jokers go ? Did someone steal cindy’s ...
i-spy 42 769 16th Dec 2020, 21:05
I see the latest debacle from eu that France are hoping to get permission to build a nucle...
GOLDEN BEAR 3 239 16th Dec 2020, 18:20
Has anyone any views on these so-called stars getting the virus injection before ordinary ...
GOLDEN BEAR 3 268 16th Dec 2020, 17:18
New Cod War
Komdu með það vegna þess að við ætlum að sparka í bresku rassana á þér aftur ...
Tommy Two Stroke 18 506 16th Dec 2020, 13:27
Council threatens
Council threatens to take single mum to court over 3p benefit overpayment [url=https://...
basil brush 5 333 15th Dec 2020, 20:14
baker boy
I'll start
[url=]Happy (Merry) Christmas everyone
firefox 14 352 15th Dec 2020, 18:01
Christmas nativity
Amid the sadness , tales of woe and funless 2020, I aim to cheer up the Christmas time wit...
Arfur petesake 72 1,421 15th Dec 2020, 12:45
You can tell
its getting closer to christmas cliff and daniel o donnell are bringing albums out
basil brush 10 386 15th Dec 2020, 12:31
First Mate
Another scam
Twice within the last few days I have received a text message telling me that, first one, ...
linma 3 350 15th Dec 2020, 12:21
The family tree
Have you found anyone interesting in yours? I've just found the reason for my limp. Two g...
i-spy 20 437 14th Dec 2020, 10:34
A muppet [url=
basil brush 3 386 14th Dec 2020, 08:49
basil brush
Is she the most condescending, patronising, woman on TV? I can't stand to watch her But my...
admin 99 1,392 13th Dec 2020, 13:43
basil brush
Kay Burley
[url=]breaks ...
firefox 50 1,043 13th Dec 2020, 12:52
The Best Years Of My Life...
The best years of my life were spent in: [url=]Galway... ...
jarvo 9 471 13th Dec 2020, 04:04
Bryn Flash
Does any of you oldies remember the big lake called The Flash in the middle of the fields ...
alan85 17 423 12th Dec 2020, 22:39
In the papers yesterday the new Chief Inspector of prisons in England and Wales has said i...
jack52 2 244 12th Dec 2020, 18:17
upload photo's
I was just wondering can anyone tell me how to upload a photo onto the new gallery OR on...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 155 12th Dec 2020, 15:33
jo anne