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Wigan, 'A place of vibrancy and culture'
'A place of vibrancy and culture': Wigan to seek status of town centre excellence [url=...
Tommy Two Stroke 9 494 14th Apr 2022, 18:13
Running with the hare, and coursing with the hound
Just read that ASUS, well known computer hardware manufacturer, is doing this. They are...
ena malcup 1 184 14th Apr 2022, 18:13
ena malcup
National Mining Museum (Overton)
(Former Caphouse Colliery) Any of you been to visit? I promised to take a group of n...
ena malcup 22 678 14th Apr 2022, 15:13
GMP Speed Enforcement.
Now one or two of you may be surprised at my next revelation. 2pm last Tuesday 24th Septe...
Billinge Biker 41 2,287 14th Apr 2022, 10:40
basil brush
"Follow the Teachings of Jesus" .....
..... I was told at Sunday School. My wife asked me, "What are you thinking of doing ...
tonker 13 424 14th Apr 2022, 08:45
Billinge Biker
Has anyone got SKY INTERNET? and are having problems or are aware of some people having pr...
admin 5 302 13th Apr 2022, 17:28
mrs m
Michael Buble
I have got a small advert that only came on today, it's on eve...
Domin0 9 299 13th Apr 2022, 15:18
THE Edward Lear poem the "OWL AND THE PUSSY CAT" to be changed to the"OWL AND THE KITTY CA...
admin 25 783 13th Apr 2022, 09:17
Owd Codger
I just came across this term, in relation to Putin, though I will say that it immediately ...
ena malcup 3 313 12th Apr 2022, 21:16
Why are there only ever
Two boats in the boat race, Its always Oxford and Cambridge ?? I'll bet those illegal imm...
tomplum 69 1,258 11th Apr 2022, 21:08
An ex WW member who's my friend on Facebook shared this I'm getting annoyed with pe...
nanajacqui 3 640 11th Apr 2022, 18:43
How to deal with the death of a pet.........
Fido the dog has died. It was expected, he was 13 years old and a Puli. He was the beloved...
Platty 26 820 9th Apr 2022, 23:51
The Wigan rejects Grand national
The rejects national horse race is open to rejects members, running Saturday free entry...
Arfur petesake 51 1,233 9th Apr 2022, 22:48
Hello Again ..... I'm Back!
tonker 34 1,163 9th Apr 2022, 20:58
Solar Panels
Are they worth investing in, Bear in mind I have a fairly new gas combi boiler and radiato...
peter g 24 736 9th Apr 2022, 19:23
Tragic accident in Pemberton last night outside Little Fifteen,stolen Range Rover crashed ...
nanajacqui 2 419 9th Apr 2022, 13:37
Origin of non dom tax status.
From today's Times. Non-domiciled tax status is a bizarre relic of British colonial-era...
gaffer - 444 8th Apr 2022, 16:06
Night shift
here's my night shift staff coming on duty, he's clearing the nocturnal plant killers tha...
tomplum 4 333 8th Apr 2022, 15:41
WN1 Standisher
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 407 12,562 8th Apr 2022, 12:14
Owd Codger
Channel 4
Being sold off. It may raise £1 billion for the state.
First Mate 69 916 8th Apr 2022, 12:09
poolstock greyhound track
last greyhound to win at poolstock 1973. was it john player
phildog 3 301 7th Apr 2022, 19:30
First Mate
Possible fuel shortage
Just been to Sainsbury's and saw a notice on the petrol forecourt “no unleaded, no dies...
Anne 9 610 7th Apr 2022, 16:01
Its took a while
but at least it will look better "Erection of an employment building with ancillary off...
basil brush 9 559 6th Apr 2022, 21:56
Tommy Two Stroke
The latest figure's released to date are that 4,550 have come across the channel in all ty...
GOLDEN BEAR 10 416 6th Apr 2022, 11:43
Meter Readings
Is anyone else finding that they cant submit a meter reading today?
First Mate 51 913 5th Apr 2022, 21:13
I miss you,come back
joebloggs 16 725 5th Apr 2022, 15:00
Just a thought
Been watching these “Escape to the Country” programmes on BBC The people buying seem ...
roylew 18 609 5th Apr 2022, 13:38
Tommy Two Stroke
emails tumtingle
Tumtingle i have been trying to send emails to New Zealand but they bounce back saying so...
bentlegs 13 540 5th Apr 2022, 12:51
Bruce Asher
basil brush - 235 5th Apr 2022, 11:53
basil brush
automatic car with a hand brake
The last two cars I have had were automatics with electronic (hand) brakes which when appl...
PeterP 17 563 4th Apr 2022, 23:50
what we need on here
Is a bloody good laugh to rise the standard and [url=
tomplum 52 1,141 4th Apr 2022, 14:43
basil brush
Here has
Jarvos thread gone? please don't tell me it turned nasty.
basil brush 33 918 4th Apr 2022, 14:04
Andrew Marr to leave the BBC
"Andrew Marr is to leave the BBC after 21 years of crap interviewing" [url=https://yout...
Tommy Two Stroke 52 1,312 4th Apr 2022, 00:22
What's for tea tonight Terry.?
joebloggs 40 1,179 3rd Apr 2022, 21:32
mollie m
Embassy of Cymru
Hi all! I moved to Wigan from Wales fairly recently and jokingly referred to my flat as th...
EmbassyofCymru 15 765 3rd Apr 2022, 17:27
All that is currently happening in various places and the press is full of stories about t...
broady 8 552 3rd Apr 2022, 08:50
Owd Codger
What's happened to the mercure royal oak Hotel is it opening again
joebloggs 19 887 3rd Apr 2022, 08:36
Arts Events
Roger McGough, ‘the godfather of modern British poetry’, is appearing in Wigan! Thu...
jo anne 11 395 2nd Apr 2022, 19:43
jo anne
A Happy day
I wish to welcome back my old friend who helps me in the garden [url=https://www.youtub...
tomplum 12 498 2nd Apr 2022, 18:27
WN1 Standisher
Good deal at Timpsons
First Mate 9 471 1st Apr 2022, 21:15
First Mate