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George - the Best
firefox 22 648 27th Apr 2020, 09:28
George Best: All By Himself
I watched this documentary again last night on BBC Four, what a talent/gift that man had, ...
TerryW 41 927 25th Apr 2020, 18:48
Oldham Vs Wigan - Stones Bitter Championship 1994
Worth a watch to keep the sports section ticking. "The 1994–95 Rugby Football Leagu...
TerryW 3 469 21st Apr 2020, 13:28
peter g
Norman Hunter Dies...
Norman (Bites your legs) Hunter has died from coronavirus aged 76. Norman played 28 tim...
jarvo 4 403 18th Apr 2020, 12:07
basil brush
Leigh Centurions T V
I hope all you rugby League fans are taking advantage of Mr Derek Beaumont and Fred Parkin...
peawapp 7 630 16th Apr 2020, 14:10
RIP the cat
Peter Bonetti dies age 78 what a keeper he was
peter g 5 421 14th Apr 2020, 18:23
0 years
At 1-15 today BBC 2 are showing the Watersplash Final Wakefield v Leeds. Terrible conditio...
Bradshaws Girl 5 461 7th Apr 2020, 10:28
Cherry tinted spectacles
I watched a programme this morning where Brett Kenny was talking about his time at Wigan a...
0 years 9 685 7th Apr 2020, 10:11
The beautiful game
[url=]Fine piece of defendin...
firefox 3 412 5th Apr 2020, 05:08
Laughing Gravy
My George Best thread was not to get you posting on it as suggested by someone. I watched ...
TerryW 9 508 3rd Apr 2020, 20:36
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford helps to feed the kids. Well done lad, we are all proud of you. A shini...
0 years 2 405 3rd Apr 2020, 19:21
Last post.
This is my last post which will doubtless please some who post on the site . I had intend...
grimshaw 53 1,950 2nd Apr 2020, 17:21
basil brush
isolation to separation
if this business of staying in goes on for months do you think you will either end in divo...
baker boy 1 392 29th Mar 2020, 20:50
baker boy
About time to........
The grubbing cheaters have been banned for 2 years from European football. [url=https://a...
chatty 97 1,664 29th Mar 2020, 00:09
D.W. Stadium ....
.... [url=""]Climb (insane)
tonker 8 644 28th Mar 2020, 19:58
Cannot access Cherry and White site
Cataloguing a collection of 40s and 50s and 60s Wigan pics and have needed to us e the Che...
spudmagoo 4 502 25th Mar 2020, 19:24
ian c
What's thy bin up too Ben
League Express reports that Super league Referee Ben Thaler has been stood down from reff...
peawapp 6 895 23rd Mar 2020, 10:41
Well this page is going to be quiet for a while intit?Hard times for jarvo with nothing to...
kathpressey 6 554 21st Mar 2020, 21:00
baker boy
Manfredi is back
.. and he got a try! I hope he has a good season without injuries. He's had some rotten lu...
kathpressey 7 609 20th Mar 2020, 12:36
Rugby League: Defying Coronavirus...
Irresponsible? While the rest of the world prepare to lie low for a few weeks, this gam...
jarvo 35 1,085 19th Mar 2020, 16:30
baker boy
laughing gravy 29 977 16th Mar 2020, 16:51
Football league suspended
firefox 6 472 13th Mar 2020, 18:15
Toronto: A Mistake...
I warned everyone. They were pushed, shoved, and backed by the powers that be. Let'...
jarvo 27 942 13th Mar 2020, 08:27
Referee's in Rugby League
there is an appeal in this weeks League Express about the abuse suffered by the Refs at th...
peawapp 4 505 12th Mar 2020, 07:06
City crumble
This so called super team that was going to rule Europe has now lost 3 times this season t...
Tiger cat 21 642 11th Mar 2020, 00:05
Worst Start For 30 Years...
OGS: October it is. Gone!
jarvo 384 4,538 9th Mar 2020, 15:02
So know money for players then
basil brush - 277 9th Mar 2020, 12:22
basil brush
past wigan r l matches
I am looking for the team list of the following + The Wigan A Team who won the 1949 Lancas...
spudmagoo 11 1,273 8th Mar 2020, 16:00
Latics 2019/20 Fixture
First game at home to Cardiff -- 3rd August [url=
cordyline 58 2,610 5th Mar 2020, 13:56
basil brush
chatty claims i'm a football no nowt!
ask him at the beginning of the season who said "trafford would get help from refs a var"....
laughing gravy 21 688 5th Mar 2020, 05:48
Tiger cat
Wigan go top
Yes I know early days and Sts area game behind. Cracking win yesterday and an awesome try ...
kathpressey 9 597 4th Mar 2020, 22:53
I finally got around to reading ‘The Lost Babes’ by Jeff Connor. The evictions of ba...
laughing gravy 67 1,184 1st Mar 2020, 18:41
pogbas poorly
what a load of bunkum,i heard a rumour months ago he would not play for united again..
laughing gravy 9 689 27th Feb 2020, 15:30
0 years
Football Commentary BT Sport
Does anyone else turn the sound down when Darren Fletcher is commentating on football. He ...
fedup 2 384 26th Feb 2020, 23:16
‘Man of the people’.... stood down
Warrington Wolves have confirmed that centre Anthony Gelling has been stood down from play...
wigvet 4 647 18th Feb 2020, 17:15
baker boy
What another tremendous attendance...
...for last nights midweek cup replay 67025, fortunately the game was played at Old Traffo...
chatty 174 2,433 18th Feb 2020, 12:35
FA Youth Cup
Wigan Athletic's youth team have reached the Quarter Finals of the Youth Cup for the first...
bluesfan 7 469 17th Feb 2020, 12:07
football pundits
Don't get me wrong I am no great shakes when it comes to English speaking being born and b...
derek 5 365 8th Feb 2020, 21:03
Wigan game V Catalan should be 'interesting' then
''Sacked Australia rugby union international Israel Folau has made a switch back to rugby ...
wigvet 10 840 7th Feb 2020, 20:24
baker boy
0years chattys lost the plot hahaha
he thinks weve joined up to conspire against him..
laughing gravy 6 313 7th Feb 2020, 00:27